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A Winter Getaway to Orlando: SeaWorld and LEGOLAND

I am way too lazy to write in coherent paragraphs about our December visit to SeaWorld and LEGOLAND, so here are some random thoughts in bullet points to sum it all up.

- We went to SeaWorld on our first full day in Orlando. It was our first visit as a family! 3 out of 4 of us liked the park. I will give you one guess on who was the odd man out ;)

- Anyway, checklist time. We did: One Ocean, Dolphin Days, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, TurtleTrek, Journey to Atlantis, Wild Arctic and Shamu’s Happy Harbor. We also walked a ton and encountered a bunch of animals!

^^It was freeeezing in Antarctica!^^

- In the middle of Shamu's Happy Harbor was this giant climb structure. We unleashed the kids and they happily climbed for a long time. Love that they have each other and are old enough to do this on their own. Other than this and Shamu Express (roller coaster), all the other rides at this kidde area were too baby for my big kids.

- The best part of our visit was the dolphin show! I…

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