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Last Day of Second Grade and Kindergarten 2017-2018

How about I skip all details on why I haven't posted in the last two months and get to the main point of this post?

Today, last day of school:

I am sure the kids grew a couple of inches since the first day of school, but I am too lazy to do a side by side comparison.

I can’t believe that another school year is over, but to be honest, I am not too emotional about it. We are not saying goodbye to the school – the kids will be back again as 1st and 3rd graders in August – and hopefully be back in the same classroom as their friends.

All in all, it has been a very smooth year. No drama, no fuss. I dropped the kids off at before-care by 7:15 in the morning and met them back at school at 4:05 in the afternoon. We had a great routine. Back when I first went part-time, I told myself that I would go back to full-time after the kids start going to the same school. Well…that never happened. My PT schedule is just too good. I was able to take alllll the school holidays off to be home with t…

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