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friday morning catch ups. (summer vacations & camps)

^^How I am feeling today!^^

/1/ Oh happy day. I have been counting down to this day forever - the last day of camp. It's finally here! Here is a summary of our summer 2018:

Week 1: Jr. ROCS (both)
Week 2: Camp Mama
Week 3: Camp Mama
Week 4: Chess (both)
Week 5: Jr. ROCS (both)
Week 6: CANCUN!!
Week 7: Science in Motion (both)
Week 8: Moving N Grooving (both)
Week 9: Gymnastic and Dance (Anna), Jr. ROCS (Will)

So, in total, the kids attended 6 weeks of summer camp. This year I still kept both kids in the same camps except for one week, but next year, I am putting them in camps based on their own individual interests. For Will, it will be chess and soccer, and for Anna it will be anything artsy. I also want to put them in some kind of academic camp, so they can either 1) get ahead, or 2) not fall behind. All this to say: I need to do a better job of picking camps that are actually beneficial to the kids and not a waste of time. But YES, sooo glad that summer…

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