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The Second Annual Camp Mama

At the end of June and the first week of July, I took two weeks off to stay home with the kids. With me and Luke both working, there really isn't a significant difference between the summer and school year for Anna and Will. They still have to wake up early, pack up their backpacks and head out to camp. Of course, there is no difference for me either. Still waking up early, still packing lunches, still rushing the kids to go go go.

So, to give all of us a little bit break, we had our second annual Camp Mama!

^^The weekend before Camp Mama officially started, the kids turned in their summer reading logs at the library and got the coupon books. With those coupon books, we got to do lots of things for free.^^

For the entire two weeks, every morning after they woke up, they made a schedule of the day. Read one chapter book, practice piano for 20 minutes, do math problems, free play, field trip, lunch, phone time for one hour, more free play, (if we are good) TV after dinner. Haha, I …

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