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wednesday morning catch ups.

How is it possible that we are already at the end of January? The days are long, but the years are short. Can’t be more true.

/1/ Will welcomed a brand new year with a brand new smile -- he lost his first tooth on New Year's Day! Or actually, because it was so loose, Luke pulled it out. He wrote a note to the tooth fairy and got a dollar in return :)

^^First lost tooth @ 6 years and 2 months!^^

/2/ Two days after the kids went back to school after winter break, school was closed for the next 3 days due to extreme cold (and some snow). I think all week long, the temp hovered in the single digit and, factoring in wind chill, it was downright cold. Best to just stay home apparently! Because of my part-time work schedule AND having to take 13 hours of use-it-or-lose-it PTO every month, I was very flexible and took two days off to stay home with them.

^^Playing with their monster trucks in the frigid cold!^^

^^"We built Mango a house!"^

/3/ Speaking of Mango, this is what h…

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