5 Great Things To Do In Myrtle Beach

At the end of August, the week before school started, we spent 5 carefree summer days at Myrtle Beach. It was such a fun memorable trip for the entire family. We played in the waves, collected seashells, ate good food, and shopped till we dropped. As I said, so. much. fun. The icing on the cake? The trip was incredibly economical to boot. In exchange for our 4-night stay at the Double Tree Myrtle Beach Resort, all we had to do was sit through a 2.5 hour Hilton Vacation Club sales pitch. We arrived to MB on Saturday, the presentation was first thing Sunday morning. We went, listened, politely declined, and by 11am, we had the rest of the trip free to play. The kids had a great time, we had a great time, we really enjoyed our last summer hurrah!
And without further ado...5 Great Things To Do In Myrtle Beach!

/ONE/ Our hotel was oceanfront, so it made it really easy to go to the beach anytime we wanted. Prior to the trip, both kids were meh about the beach. The beach was apparently too sandy and dirty. However, during our time at MB, even without much coaxing from us, they really loved playing in the water. Will especially loved going out far with Luke to play in the waves. Anna stayed closer in, wrote in the sand and collected seashells. We hopped between the beach and hotel pool and the kids were in heaven.
/TWO/ Our trip to Myrtle Beach was a trip of Chinese buffet and burgers. First, we went to this unpretentious Chinese buffet - Osaka - a total of 4 times :) The kids just loooooved it there, especially their fried dumplings. The service was friendly and quick, food was fresh and delicious. It was a win for our family! When we were not at the buffet line, we were at some burger place. Places we tried: Burger Paradise (a local place?), Wahlburgers, and BurgerFi. All very very good. Something I learned about myself during the trip...I am a purist when it comes to burgers. I like mine plain with onions, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. Hold everything else!
/THREE/ I actually don't shop much at all when I am at home, but on vacation? Anything goes. Luckily Myrtle Beach is a shopper's paradise. There are two Tanger Outlets and expansive shopping plazas such as Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing. We went to all of them :)
//So happy with their new friends at Build-A-Bear!//
//Whenever we find a Penny Press...//
//The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk was also a wonderful place to be!//

/FOUR/ For the most part, we stuck to free fun, but Will requested mini golf so we picked one of the many golf courses available (Jurassic Golf) on Ocean Boulevard & spent about 45 minutes in a friendly competition. Money well spent!
/FIVE/ This last one is probably just fun for our family ;) In 2013 we came to MB when the kids were 3 and 1, Luke and I distinctly remember discovering and having Sweet Frog for the first time. Yes, it was definitely nostalgic to visit the same store again! :)   
//Time flies...//
//Three year old Anna//

Our family loves Myrtle Beach! If only it wasn't so far that we could make it a regular destination!

PS: For a trip down memory lane, our 2013 trip.


  1. I'm pretty sure our tastes are pretty unique and most ppl won't be able to relate. Sure, some of the usual tourist traps will make sense, but really, Osaka? Yes, I'd kill to have a decent Chinese buffet joint up here in Tysons, but I think only our little family will find joy in that list of yours. Most of them have sentimental meaning to us. Still, it was fun, even though we may not return for a long time, if ever.

  2. Looks like such a great time! Oceanfront hotels make all the difference.


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