The Second Annual Camp Mama

At the end of June and the first week of July, I took two weeks off to stay home with the kids. With me and Luke both working, there really isn't a significant difference between the summer and school year for Anna and Will. They still have to wake up early, pack up their backpacks and head out to camp. Of course, there is no difference for me either. Still waking up early, still packing lunches, still rushing the kids to go go go.

So, to give all of us a little bit break, we had our second annual Camp Mama!
^^The weekend before Camp Mama officially started, the kids turned in their summer reading logs at the library and got the coupon books. With those coupon books, we got to do lots of things for free.^^

For the entire two weeks, every morning after they woke up, they made a schedule of the day. Read one chapter book, practice piano for 20 minutes, do math problems, free play, field trip, lunch, phone time for one hour, more free play, (if we are good) TV after dinner. Haha, I know they did this just to make sure they got their screen time. "It's on the schedule so we have to do it," the kids would say. I was too lazy to argue.

Almost every day, we had an outing planned, whether it was mini golf, water park or simply going out to eat. At the end of two weeks, I was definitely glad to drop them off at camp again and let them be someone else's problem, but overall, it was a good Camp Mama, and I am so glad that my work is flexible enough to allow me to do this.

And now, here is a photo dump of our weeks!
^^My friend invited us to her pool club and the kids had the most fun with Penny Dive. They exchanged the penny for any treat at the snack bar. Very fun for sure! ^^
^^We attended two library programs. Although the kids enjoyed them, I don't think I will plan our days around library programs anymore next year.^^
^^On one day, we played mini golf at a fun glow-in-the dark mini golf place.^^
^^What's summer without shaved ice? Dessert Story was a hit. Prior to dessert, we went to Marumen for lunch. ^^
^^We went to several water parks (Watermine, Ocean Dunes, Atlantis and Volcano Island), sometimes with my mom, sometimes with friends and sometimes on our own. One time, the kids packed lunch for me :) (I was eating healthy and didn't want to buy food at the water park)^^
^^Funnel cake on the way out!^^
^^Another shaved ice trip...this time, to The Block, a hip hangout spot.^^
^^ Loved my taro shaved ice!!^^
^^Lastly, just to keep it real around here, there was too much screen time that drove me batty.^^

Definitely planning to do Camp Mama again next year!

2017 Camp Mama


  1. Sounds like fun.. I'm sure the kids loved getting to hang out with you.

  2. That sounded like a lot of fun, even though I only got to participate in a few of the eating outings. And yes, shaved ice in the summer is a must. Too bad I never made it to any water parks this year. ��


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