friday morning catch ups. (summer vacations & camps)

^^How I am feeling today!^^

/1/ Oh happy day. I have been counting down to this day forever - the last day of camp. It's finally here! Here is a summary of our summer 2018:

Week 1: Jr. ROCS (both)
Week 2: Camp Mama
Week 3: Camp Mama
Week 4: Chess (both)
Week 5: Jr. ROCS (both)
Week 6: CANCUN!!
Week 7: Science in Motion (both)
Week 8: Moving N Grooving (both)
Week 9: Gymnastic and Dance (Anna), Jr. ROCS (Will)

So, in total, the kids attended 6 weeks of summer camp. This year I still kept both kids in the same camps except for one week, but next year, I am putting them in camps based on their own individual interests. For Will, it will be chess and soccer, and for Anna it will be anything artsy. I also want to put them in some kind of academic camp, so they can either 1) get ahead, or 2) not fall behind. All this to say: I need to do a better job of picking camps that are actually beneficial to the kids and not a waste of time. But YES, sooo glad that summer camp is almost behind exactly 4pm today!

/2/ I need to write about our Week 6 soon. Our big family trip this year was to Cancun Mexico :) We went with my side of the family, stayed at an all-inclusive resort and did nothing for 6 days except swimming, eating and relaxing. I will also write about my thoughts on an AI vacation when I do a detail post...right after we get back from Week 10.

/3/ Right at this moment, it is the Friday of Week 9 and tomorrow we leave for Myrtle Beach! It will be our last carefree summer days before school starts. We are only staying 4 nights, but that's perfect because we will come back in time for the school Open House. Anyway, I can't wait for MB! The first and last time we were there was over 5 years ago and I am looking forward to walk around Broadway at the Beach again!


  1. I'm just looking forward to the time when these guys can stay home on their own. Paying for these camps is insanely expensive. It seems no matter what stage of life they're in, kids always manage to suck money out of our bank accounts!

  2. Both Cancun and Myrtle Beach sounds great.. We did our first ever AI last year and loved it.


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