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Happy Hump Day! Cheers to making it through half the week. I have been solo parenting since Sunday morning and it has been pretty draining doing it all. If I wasn't saving my days for our beach trip coming up, I would take a sanity day to just stay home and veg. But, alas, it's off to work I go.

The one saving grace of solo parenting these days is that the kids are fairly independent now. Except for putting dinner on the table and cleaning up afterwards, I am very hands-off. Of course, there are occasional fights to intervene, but for the most part they spend a big bulk of their time at home curled up with a book....which makes it super easy for me....which brings me to my point of this post.

Books. Good, interesting books that I can get my kids to read. I am looking for recommendations!

But since I am always looking for recommendations, I thought I would do one on my own for those who might be interested! For reference, Anna is a rising 3rd grader, 8 years old. She's not a girly girl, but likes fairies and unicorns, and anything funny. Will is a rising 1st grader, 6 years old, and likes humorous books.

-- First and foremost, Dog Man. I believe this series is what got Will started in reading. When he started reading on his own, he basically skipped those leveled readers and went straight to the Dog Man series. Weird, quirky and funny. It was perfect for him.

-- We also had a lot of success with Scholastic "Branches". These books are advertised as books between leveled readers and traditional chapter books. Easy plot lines and illustrations on almost every page. The series my kids especially liked were Owl Diaries, Press Start, Eerie Elementary, The Last Firehawk, and The Notebook of Doom. They are all caught up with these series, but I plan to keep an eye out for new releases!

-- Once Anna discovered Rainbow Magic in the middle of second grade, that was alllll she read for the remainder of it. Those books were an easy read for her and she could finish a book in less than 25 minutes. I think she has pretty much read the entire series (over 200 books in total!), but once in a while, she still discovers a new-to-her book at the library and will still check it out. Along the same line, she also likes Magic Animal Friends. Her favorite, however, is Unicorn Princesses. They are not available at the library so I am actually buying them on Amazon. Something I hardly ever do, but she likes them that much. 

--  Currently, Anna is reading the Stick Dog and Stick Cat series. I hear her laughing a lot, so all I know they are funny :)

-- Both kids are loving the hilarious My Weird School series (as well as My Weirder School and My Weird School Daze)! The level of these books is probably too easy for Anna and just right for Will. When I asked Will why he likes these books so much, he replied, "because I like A.J. He hates school and likes video games, just like me." Hmm...well...at least it gets him reading.

-- Other noteworthy ones: The Bad Guys, Bad Kitty...pretty much anything bad?

I am so thrilled that the kids are becoming independent little readers and hope this list is helpful to someone out there! How about you? What books are your kids reading?

^^I don't have a relevant picture for this post, so here is a random one taken this morning. When Luke's away, Mango sleeps with the kids!^^


  1. Man, I really have been buried in Ender's Game this summer. I've been missing out on all these other fun books. Oh well, we're almost done, the buggers are about to bite the dust. Then we can move on to more lite hearted stuff.

  2. Update 8/27: lately the kids have reading the Magic Tree House series. I had been trying to get them to read this series for a while, but finally it took Luke reading to them the first book, Dinosaurs Before Dark, and now they are hooked and reading through the rest of the series on their own.


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