I can sum up my month of February in two words: Solo Parenting

In total, Luke was gone for 9 days, which doesn't sound like a lot, but in a short month and in consecutive weeks, it was.

Fortunately, as I have said it before, the kids are older now, they go to the same school, they are somewhat self-sufficient, so really, it's not a huge deal. We stuck to our routine, and everything went just fine.

One of the biggest struggles, though, was what to feed the kids. I guess that's actually a daily struggle, not just when Luke is away... So anyway, after Chinese school, I made it easy on myself and took the kids to get pho for the first time on my own :)
^^I spilled some soup, and that was the most talked-about topic for the rest of the week [eyeroll]^^

When I am on my own, sometimes we skip piano practice and have an early shower and book time instead. By 7pm, the kids are usually doing this:
The best thing about Luke being away is sleeping in "mama bed" with Mango.
The kids and I spent Valentine's Day on our own. We went to Disney On Ice and I received this from Anna:
And Will:
One week I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off . To to give myself some much-needed me time :) I got a haircut and enjoyed a bowl of noodles without interruptions or having to talk to anyone. I even went to my first PTA meeting and walked Mango in the middle of the day. Ah, the stay-at-home-mom life when both of your kids are in public school. It was glorious!
Happily, the weather was nice and sunny so the kids spent time outside, which made the afternoon/evening go faster.

This picture was taken on Chinese New Year, 2/15, Year of the Dog:
We didn't have a huge reunion dinner. It was just me & the kids. No noodles for longevity, no dumplings for wealth, no fish for prosperity. I can't even remember what we ate.

OK, really, the BIGGEST hassle we have when Luke is away is Mango. Luke works from home otherwise, so Mango is never alone much. But when he's away on travel, Mango spends a bulk of his day inside the fence.
^^He's so good though. No messes all 9 days!^^

With Luke's new job, he will be traveling for work more than ever. As long as nothing out of the ordinary that come my way (like losing power, which actually did happen and I will blog that next), I can confidently say, bring it on! 


  1. Well thanks for holding down the fort! Hopefully, this startup will grow enough this year or next to alleviate this travel problem. Or hell, show me the money at least. We'll see...

  2. It's great that you were able to manage without Luke.. i'm sure it can't be easy..



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