wednesday morning catch ups.

How is it possible that we are already at the end of January? The days are long, but the years are short. Can’t be more true.

/1/ Will welcomed a brand new year with a brand new smile -- he lost his first tooth on New Year's Day! Or actually, because it was so loose, Luke pulled it out. He wrote a note to the tooth fairy and got a dollar in return :)
^^First lost tooth @ 6 years and 2 months!^^

/2/ Two days after the kids went back to school after winter break, school was closed for the next 3 days due to extreme cold (and some snow). I think all week long, the temp hovered in the single digit and, factoring in wind chill, it was downright cold. Best to just stay home apparently! Because of my part-time work schedule AND having to take 13 hours of use-it-or-lose-it PTO every month, I was very flexible and took two days off to stay home with them.
^^Playing with their monster trucks in the frigid cold!^^
^^"We built Mango a house!"^

/3/ Speaking of Mango, this is what happens when we let him run free in an empty house:
/4/ The kids are now attending Chinese school every Sunday afternoon for 2 hours. So far, I am not impressed and I doubt they will really learn anything. The teacher has zero classroom management skills and kids are just bouncing off the walls. However, the school IS a good motivation for me to supplement at home, so hopefully they will learn something there. Even though they only get less than 15 minutes of Chinese daily, they are actually picking it up at a good speed. Just imagine if I can be more diligent about teaching them, the result might actually be pretty good!
/5/ In January, many rounds of Super Mario Monopoly Gamer were played. Kids love it and we even bought additional character pieces.
/6/ Last but certainly not least, Luke celebrated a milestone birthday! This year, the kids are finally old enough and proactively said that they want to buy their father real birthday presents (as oppose to just wrapping random crap around the house as presents). It was quite funny. Luke loves nuts, and Anna knows that, so her plan was to get him nuts. Weeks prior to his birthday, she started saying, "I am going to get Baba something that starts with the letter n!" Of course, Luke figured it out pretty quickly, but he played along. "Wow, you are going to get me noodles with Nutella? I am going to eat noodles with Nutella at night?! I can't wait!" Kids thought it was the funniest thing. Then Will said, "No! It's starts with n...the second letter is u...." It just went on and on. Anyway, I ended up taking the kids to Trader Joe's and got a variety of chocolate covered things and bags of nuts. He was so happy with the gifts, which thrilled the kids to no end.
^^BBQ lunch at Famous Dave's with family!^^
^^Happy birthday Baba! Here's to 40 more healthy years!^^


  1. Best birthday ever! Hands down, no doubt, true day!

  2. Aww that's sweet.
    Teaching the kids a second language is not easy.. we try to speak it around the house as much as possible.. so while neither of my boys are fluent in it they understand most of it.. and the eldest tries very hard to speak in it too..


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