thursday afternoon catch ups.

/1/ Will finished his second soccer season.
The last game was cold and wet, and we happened to bring Mango...
/2/ The kids started swim lessons at the rec center. They are doing wonderful!
And it's soooo much better for my wallet!
/3/ Lots of pretty fall foliage this month :)
/4/ Will turned SIX. A full birthday post coming soon. For his birthday dinner, he requested Pho 75 :) We have celebrated countless birthdays there, haha.
/5/ I took a day off to have Thanksgiving lunch with the kids at school. Back when my workplace was nearby, I could have easily done it with an hour of PTO, but now that I work further away, it just made more sense to take the whole day off. Luckily with my PT status, I can afford to. I would love to be back closer to home again AND work part-time :) Anyway, lunch was fine. Not sure if I will do it again next year, but kids always want me to and I can't seem to say no to school events.
/6/ Since discovering a new series, Rainbow Magic, Anna has been reading a ton. She flies through those books and can read 2-3 hours straight. Over the weekend, she even passed on watching a movie to read! Amazing. She was a reluctant reader for so long, so I am just glad that she finally found something. There are well over 100 books in the series so we should be set for a while :)

/7/ I love it when the kids play well together. Lately, they are into Monopoly. They read, do the math on their own and it's FANTASTIC.
/8/ #superproudmom


  1. Will finished the Rubix cube? Nice.. I don't think I've ever completed it.
    Happy Birthday to him.

    1. Just one side, but I am still impressed nonetheless!


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