Thursday, November 30, 2017

thursday afternoon catch ups.

/1/ Will finished his second soccer season.
The last game was cold and wet, and we happened to bring Mango...
/2/ The kids started swim lessons at the rec center. They are doing wonderful!
And it's soooo much better for my wallet!
/3/ Lots of pretty fall foliage this month :)
/4/ Will turned SIX. A full birthday post coming soon. For his birthday dinner, he requested Pho 75 :) We have celebrated countless birthdays there, haha.
/5/ I took a day off to have Thanksgiving lunch with the kids at school. Back when my workplace was nearby, I could have easily done it with an hour of PTO, but now that I work further away, it just made more sense to take the whole day off. Luckily with my PT status, I can afford to. I would love to be back closer to home again AND work part-time :) Anyway, lunch was fine. Not sure if I will do it again next year, but kids always want me to and I can't seem to say no to school events.
/6/ Since discovering a new series, Rainbow Magic, Anna has been reading a ton. She flies through those books and can read 2-3 hours straight. Over the weekend, she even passed on watching a movie to read! Amazing. She was a reluctant reader for so long, so I am just glad that she finally found something. There are well over 100 books in the series so we should be set for a while :)

/7/ I love it when the kids play well together. Lately, they are into Monopoly. They read, do the math on their own and it's FANTASTIC.
/8/ #superproudmom


  1. Will finished the Rubix cube? Nice.. I don't think I've ever completed it.
    Happy Birthday to him.

    1. Just one side, but I am still impressed nonetheless!

  2. I'm not sure what happened, I was very aware of Fall while it was here. But now that the trees are all bare and the frost covered grass greets Mango every morning, it all seems so long ago. Kids just have this way of making time go by so fast...