Thanksgiving Day 2017

This year just as I was still at a loss on what to make for our annual “thankful” craft, Will brought home a little Roll-a-Turkey worksheet/game from school. So, on Thanksgiving morning, after a game of Roll-a-Turkey, we turned our drawings into this:
Hooray for continuing our tradition!

After that whirlwind trip to Kentucky to visit my brother’s newborn last year, it felt fantastic to stay home. There is something good about staying in your cozy home over the holidays rather than the hustle and bustle of going somewhere.
^^a little game of bow & arrow before lunch...Will got lucky and shot the 100!^^

We decided on Tuesday night to host Thanksgiving lunch at our home, but due to various reasons, in the end, we only had 3 extra adults (Luke's dad, sister and BIL). We had planned all along to have hotpot and Popeye’s, and even with the last minute decision to host, we kept the menu the same. There was a little snafu though…fifteen minutes before our guests were due to arrive, I drove to the nearest Popeye’s but found it closed for Thanksgiving! I had a little ‘oh crap’ moment, but problem solved when I picked up two rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy at the grocery store instead. It was an easy, delicious lunch. No slaving over the hot stove! The best part – after the guests left around 2:30pm, the kitchen was already cleaned and remained closed for the rest of the day :)

That night we to see the holiday lights at Meadowlark Gardens.

The dazzling light display does not get old for me :)
^^thankful for my healthy and (mostly) happy family ;)^^

And now...on to Christmas!


  1. Tgiving came and went without so much as a whimper. Which is perfect in my book, the less drama the better. Joyce did a great job of setting everything up so we could all have a relaxing day and nite.


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