October Happenings

Happy Halloween Eve!

Now that tomorrow is the last day of October, it's time for a photo dump.

First, I got this cute picture of Mango and the pumpkins :)
We are loving having Mango around more than ever. Simply put, he's a small dog with a big dog personality. He's cuddly, yet super playful and chill at the same time. Just a few minutes earlier, he was playing with his squeaky toys and making a ruckus, but now he's sleeping on my lap as I blog. Luke gives him the best haircut (we get "who's your groomer?" a lot) and the kids just think he's the cutest!

Anyway, this month we spent a lot of time on the soccer field, although missed a couple of practices and a game too because Will has been sick and coughing.
We have been lucky with the mild weather so waiting for Will on the sideline while he plays has been rather enjoyable.
We got our free pumpkins at the annual Halloween on the Green event in the Town of Vienna. This is a must-do event on my Fall bucket list.
Other activities included crafts, games and prizes, moon bounces, face painting, balloon art, and cotton candy & popcorn.
I love this local event!

Will got to dress up as a firefighter on our visit to Vienna Fire Station
and also got to put out a fire.
We also joined in on the celebration of Vienna Little Library birthday bash.

Unfortunately this cake didn't taste as good as it looked.
At the celebration, Anna read books to a dog :)
and the kids played some old-fashion games.
We don't live in the Town of Vienna, but sure glad to live close by so it's easy to get to these family-friendly town events!

As promised, we went back to Fall Harvest Days at Frying Pan Park.
On the ride over, I managed to convince the kids to try their hand at milking a cow and they said they would (!), but when we got there, the milking station was already closed. Next year for sure!! I won't blog in details like I did last year, but here is the link to our first visit. Lots of the same activities...but they did change a few things to keep it fresh. Can't wait to return!

No fall colors yet, but after visiting several open houses (yep, we are casually house shopping!) one Sunday afternoon, we went to Meadowlark Gardens.
School-wise, kids are doing well. I can't believe the holidays (& winter) are almost upon us. Pretty soon, it will feel like the kids hardly ever go to school.

Luke chaperoned a Kindergarten field trip to Cox Farms
and I took the kids to two school events -- Family Science Night
and Halloween Fun Night.
^^Getting her fortunes told.^^

We also brought Chick-Fil-A and had lunch with both kids at school!
We carved pumpkins.
Luke did a great job of carving the kids' pumpkins based on their original designs.
 All without using proper pumpkin carving tools!
And tomorrow, the kids will dress up as Eevee and Charmander for ToT!

October has been full & fun!


  1. I'm not sure why, but October really flew by this year. Actually, time just flies by all the time now. Must be a side effect of being old and having kids around. At least the weather was nice for all these outdoor activities. Hoping for a mild winter for the rest of the year...

  2. No matter how down and out I might feel - your kid's smiles always cheer me up.


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