monday morning catch ups.

I can't believe I only blogged twice in September and neither of those posts were about events that actually happened IN that month.

Here is a short catch up:

/1/ Will started back up with soccer. Now that he's in U6, soccer is twice a week -- practice on Thursday and game on Saturday. Practice is at 5:15pm, and luckily it's right at the elementary school so there is no traffic getting there. That was my biggest worry when I signed him up so I am glad that it's working out OK. Will continues to like soccer a lot, which is great to see!
/2/ More on Will...he's doing so well in piano too. He learns quickly and likes to practice. A very good combination :) Practicing with him is rather pleasant, as oppose to practicing with the other piano player we have in the house. Although to be fair, Anna is making good progress too. I think Will is rubbing off on her and sometimes I will find her practicing without me having to say anything.

/3/ We finally bought the kids bikes (w/ training wheels). Now that the weather is getting cooler, it will probably be next Spring before they really learn, but so far they enjoy it, although paddling for some reason is really difficult for both. 
/4/ No apple picking this year, but we did pick pears from Grandpa's pear tree.
That winter melon? INSANE.
/5/ We have a new favorite series -- Captain Underpants! Kids just dig all that potty talk :-/ We are on book 2, but I can already see us finishing the series soon. The hardest part is trying to find them at the library. I think the books have gotten very popular since the movie, which we watched and the kids found it hilarious .

/6/ Finally, Disney World!

We just got back last week! It was our first trip in 3 years....a new record. Looking forward in sharing pictures and stories sometime soon.


  1. wow that winter melon is insane!

  2. Can't think of a better way to ease into fall. Starting school is already bad enough, so it's always good to have some distractions.


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