Back to School 2017-2018

Back to School felt VERY big for our family this year – both kids are finally at the same school. One drop off, one pick up, and nooooo more daycare bills. Hooray!
Anna and Will First Day of Second Grade and Kindergarten 2017-2018
We have entered a new stage of parenting!

Now that we are 3 weeks into the new school year, I can safely say that Will is rocking kindergarten. He has transitioned seamlessly. I am sure having Anna there helped, but I am also positive that the reason why Anna is also doing so well is because she has Will. In time like this, I am so glad that they have each other to depend on and watch over each other.

Our schedule looks like this: I drop the kids off at before-care at around 7:20am and meet them back at school for pick up at 4:05pm. GET THIS -- at drop off, I don't even get out of the car anymore. I push a little button and the minivan door slides open, both kids get out, walk into the building and classroom, wave me goodbye at the window and I drive off. A-MAH-zing.

Anyway, through some nudging on my part, Will has Anna's old kindergarten teacher, Ms. R, who I love. For some reason, she especially adores Anna and when she found out that Will is on her class list, she excitedly emailed me to let me know. This was BEFORE we got the classroom assignment in the mail. haha. I have no doubt that this is going to be a great year for Will. He says that his favorite part about school is "playing with Ayaan" and least favorite is quiet time :)

As for Anna, second grade seems to demand more academically. When I asked, she said that second grade is "okay", no longer "easy" like she had said about the previous years. I guess I will just need to gather all my patience superpower and work on things with her at home.
^^The school theme for this year!^^

Here's to a great school year! I hope to have many happy news to share as we journey through the next 9 months!


  1. So it's been a few weeks and so far so good. I'm sure things will get a bit hairy once they start getting real grades. Hopefully, they'll be ok.

    Though I'm still going to keep searching around to see if a nice home pops up with better schools.

  2. That is great. I am looking forward to the day H also joins the public school system.


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