thursday afternoon catch ups.

I haven't been good about taking pictures of our everyday this summer. It seems like I only take pictures on vacations... But it has been a month since my last catch ups, so I will share what I can with the pictures I have :)

/1/ No summer is complete without getting soaked at Mosaic District. I have been saying that the kids are way too big for this little splash area for the last, oh, 3 years, but they always still manage to have fun. We came here one evening after pho with friends and it was such a great summer night!
/2/ We went to Wegmans specifically to pick up this strawberry shortcake. It tasted amazing, very very similar to those Asian sponge cakes that I love, but without the high price tag. It was $15, I think. Kids and hubs didn't like it (said it was tasteless), so I ate nearly the whole thing myself. I didn't complain :-p
/3/ I took the kids to Flight with a few of my college friends and their kids. It was the kids' first trampoline park experience. Will liked it more than Anna, but overall it was very fun. We used Groupon to make the outing more affordable :)
/4/ That same weekend we also went back to Mosaic for an outdoor movie. While I think the concept of watching a movie outside is cool, the reality of it is this: why would you do that when you can watch the same movie from the comfort of your couch, without having to sweat? So, we never tried it...until that weekend when Anna's friend's mom invited us to go along. Since I want to foster Anna's friendship with this friend, I happily agreed. What did I think? Well, I was glad that at least the movie was only 1.5 hours :), but Anna and Will had fun hanging out with other kids so it was all good. Besides, an outdoor movie experience? Check! 
/5/ Every day I drive the kids to camp and pick them up. I am going to miss this routine when it ends in a couple of weeks. They are always SO HAPPY about going to camp and picking them up is fun too. I am just thrilled that camp is going well this summer. These two literally spend every waking moment together.
(For my own personal records, this year I have them both enrolled in Jr. ROCS, a variety camp, at the rec center. This is one of the few camps that they can do it together so I went with it. They have daily swim and play lots of group games. Next year when they are 8 and 6, there will be more options to choose from and I will be able to mix it up a little, but this year I am happy that they are just having lots of playtime.)
/6/ The kids are officially done with their swim lessons and they have improved so much. In total, since the end of April, they went through 12 half-hour semi-private lessons. Hundreds of dollars later, they are now REALLY comfortable in the water. Unfortunately, since this swim school is so darn expensive, I am not planning on going back. I think the kids should be fine with rec center swim lessons now, so we will do that instead. I will wait until after Will turns 6 so they can be in the same class. It's all about convenience for me!


  1. Strange really, summer breaks always felt too short when I was a kid. Now as a parent, they feel even shorter! Hell, time in general just doesn't limp along like it used to. Maybe that's just another byproduct of growing old??


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