Camp Mama 2017

This past week I took the entire week off to stay home with the kids. It was their last few days of summer break, I had extra hours with my part time work status, so I figured we could have a staycation of some sort at home. My goal was to take them around on local field trips. We called it Camp Mama :) It turned out to be a fantastic week. We all enjoyed it very much. Next year I plan to do two weeks, maybe even three if I can swing it :)

On the first day of camp, we came up with camp rules and taped it on the wall:
Monday: We went to Upton Hill Regional Park, first to play mini golf and then to the water park. Thanks to our summer reading program coupon books, the activities were completely free for the kids. Then we saw the solar eclipse in the afternoon! This day ended up being the kids' favorite day of the week!
Tuesday: We met up with my friend and her kids and rode the metro into DC. It was a hot day and could have easily been another pool day, but I wanted to go to the butterfly pavilion at the Natural History Museum (free on Tuesday). Besides the butterfly pavilion, also new to us on this visit was the kid-friendly discovery room. Then we went next door to the American History Museum.
Wednesday: We drove about two and half hours round-trip to visit Great Country Farms in Bluemont, VA. My purpose was to do some peach picking, but that turned out to be a very small part of our trip. I think we were there for over 3 hours, but the actual peach picking part was only 30 minutes. The kids loved the 5-acre family playground that included mazes, rope/obstacle course, slides, etc. It was a great place to spend the day, but admittedly a very far drive. (Tip: Get this deal from CertifiKid if you go!)
Thursday: I have long wanted to visit Yards Park and we finally made it happen :) The kids had fun splashing in the water...and that was about it? In the afternoon we went to another mini golf course (free of course :)).
Friday: It was open house at the elementary school and afterwards we went bowling with some friends. It was Anna's first time bowling!
Some thoughts:
- We didn't spend too much at all on Camp Mama. Most of the activities were free, and I packed lunch on most days. Altogether, we definitely spent less than $100, which is a lot cheaper than real camps (averaged $600/wk for both kids).
- Next year when we do Camp Mama again, I will have a lot more pool days, because the kids have the most fun in the water.
- Overall, kids were super, super good the entire week. I enjoyed spending time with them!


  1. Honestly, I'm not sure how Joyce does it. The kids will burn me out after an hour, not sure how she managed to maintain her sanity for a whole week. Not only that, she enjoyed it! Guess we know who's the better parent in this house? Hmmm....


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