Summer 2017: Delaware Beaches and Ocean City, MD

Hi! We are back from the beach and it was seriously a lot fun with the perfect mix of relaxation, relaxation, and more relaxation. haha. I will be writing a post or two about it (along with lots of pictures) as soon as I finish gathering my thoughts...but right now I just have to share these drawings and stories.

After we returned from the trip, I asked (read: made) the kids draw and write about their vacation.

First topic: BESIDES unlimited TV and phone time, what was the NEXT best thing about the vacation?
In case you can't read Anna's scribbles, it was hands down the pool. They both improved so much with daily swim and also learned to doggy paddle. Luke and I are so proud of them! Haha, Will did the illustration and my favorite detail is my black bathing suit. He got it just right!

Second topic: Why didn't you like the beach?
Answer: because it was messy, but apparently it was still fun to look for seashells and write in the sand with them :)

Sigh, it was such a good vacation. I miss it already.


  1. For a bunch of kids that refuse to dive into frigid beaches, I'm glad they had fun. I'm even more glad the whole family managed to have fun. Definitely will be heading back to the Delaware coast in the future.


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