friday morning catch ups.

Time for another catch ups just so I don't forget the little snippets of our lives.

/1/ Mango provides such entertainment for them! :) They both love him so much.
/2/ We seem to have officially moved on from picture books and into chapter books. This summer we have been reading Galaxy Zack, and for those who are interested, both my kids (7 and 5) love it. There are illustrations on every page, so it's a great for Will, who's just starting K in the fall. The best part is that Luke doesn't complain about reading them and we actually finish a book every 3-4 nights. And it also makes my job a lot easier to know what to check out at the library vs. blindly picking out books from the shelves.

/3/ Speaking of books, we completed the summer reading program at the library and got our coupon books :)

/4/ I took the kids to the Home Depot Kids Workshop that I believe happens every first Saturday of the month. The first time we did this was in 2015 and I always intended on going back. Ha, it only took me two years. But seriously though, the older they get, the more sense it makes to take them to these kind of activities. I saw moms with toddlers and they were basically doing the whole project for their kids and I thought to myself: what's the point? Anyway, the kids had fun making their bug house and already asked to go back again next time.  
^^Haha, Will's face.^^

Tip: I figured out that with the workshop running from 9-12pm, the best time to go is around 10-ish...less crowded with the earlier visitors already gone.

/5/ We took Mango on his first trip into DC. What do I have to say about it? It was a really H.O.T day. That is all.
How the kids cooled off after we came home:
/6/ For the 4th, we stayed home and had our own fireworks outside. We attempted to wait until later, but made it till not exactly dark yet. I took most of the pictures with Luke's phone since mine died but since I don't have access to his photos right now, these two pictures will have to do.
For the most part, kids really like fireworks now except the really loud ones, like spinner. They liked snakes and sparklers the best :)

/7/ The kids started camp this week and so far it's going great! I will write more about it next time, but right now I just want to say it's so good for the kids to have one another. Especially with them so close in age (20 months apart) and are able to be in the same camp together. It makes it easier for hard-to-adjust Anna, but also good for Will to have Anna there to help him feel comfortable since he's probably the youngest camper in the group.

/8/ I think this is it for this installation of catch ups. The next time I write, it will be a big fat post about our trip to Delaware beaches! Yum.....Thrasher's...


  1. look at those faces..!
    D is making progress with his library reading challenge as well.. he completed the first goal and got a treasure box prize.
    He is also doing the Barnes & Noble one and just started his fifth book.
    Yay for chapter books. D does most of his reading by himself and we still do board books with H


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