Delaware Beaches and OC: Things To Do

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I have been thinking about a fun way to write about our latest beach vacation, but I am fresh out of ideas. So instead I am just going to summarize it quickly before we pack up and leave for our next trip...this Sunday! :)

As I said in my previous post, the best thing about this vacation was how easy it was. The hotel booking process was easy, the drive was just about 3 hours long (crossing over the Bay Bridge on a Sunday morning is a breeze), and once we got there, we had no fix schedule to tie us down. We literally did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

So what exactly did we do? Well...

We spent a lot of time at the pool.
Time and time again, I would make a comment to Luke about how much we could save if we had stayed at a rental property, but honestly, that wouldn’t have given us access to a pool and the vacation definitely would not have been as fun.

Although it was a beach vacation, we sadly did not spend too much time at the beach. I was super disappointed. The weather was gorgeous (sunny, upper 70s) all week for laying out and playing in the sand...but the water was freezing. Not that the kids would have swam in the ocean anyway, but for whatever reason, they just wanted nothing to do with the beach. We even had a great setup -- toys, beach chairs, towels, snacks. Oh, and we had free shuttle to the beach too! 
But even though they hated the beach during the day, we couldn't pull them away in the evening. When they are fully dressed and shouldn't be getting wet, they love the beach! Go figure.
Before the trip I knew I wanted to eat all the quintessential boardwalk food – salty fries, funnel cake, ice cream, caramel popcorn, pizza.
^^The kids didn't like caramel popcorn so Luke and I ate the entire tub.^^
^^$21 for 4 scoops of ice cream. When in Rome...^^
^^@ The Dough Roller^^

And we did!!

We also went to Funland, a little amusement park with carnival rides and arcade games. I had read and heard many good things about it so my expectations were high. Eh, it was just okay. The most annoying thing was the arcade games kept on eating our quarters and there was no staff around to ask for our money back.
One day, we got in our van and hit up other Delaware beaches in the area.

Bethany Beach...cute, posh, clean, family friendly. We spotted dolphins! If we go back to Delaware beaches again, we want to stay here next time :)
Fenwick Island...where we saw the smallest "boardwalk" ever.
^^"It's not even near the water," Luke commented.^^

We even drove all the way to Ocean City, but a certain girl didn't want to walk.
But it worked out okay because had we walked all the way to the busy part of the boardwalk on that first visit, we would not have gone back to OC and stayed there for a night on the last day.

These pictures are from our second visit to OC:
^^We made it to the end of the boardwalk!^^
^^Will took this picture for us, haha, his finger.^^
On another day we went to Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes.

Among other things (less crowds, nature trails, a calmer beach scene), we were all looking forward to exploring tide pools. Turned out the way to the tide pools were blocked off because of nesting birds so it wasn't all that great of a visit.

But the kids found of the most seashells here...
touched a stingray...
and climbed to the top of a tower.
Then we walked around downtown Lewes (cute and quaint) and cooled down with a banana split.
Hmmm...this post is all over the place. I hope when I come back to reminisce years from now, I will be able to understand my ramblings. I have one more post to wrap it all up and I hope to hit publish on Friday!


  1. Looks like a nice relaxing time. Just what every summer really needs.

  2. Wow, we really did fit in a lot on this little beach trip. Sure, the water wasn't blue and warm like it is around the equator, but we still had a great time simply hanging around. Maybe it's just the novelty factor of never having been to these mid-atlantic beaches before, but I'd definitely do this again.


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