friday morning catch ups.

/1/ It's that time of the year again! And by that I mean the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program. This is our fourth year participating and the kids still love it. The program runs all summer long, but we are way ahead of the game and got our free books already. It's a great program and I highly recommend it. I mean, we are already reading books regardless, and it's not much work to write the titles down and get a free book in return. (For my own personal record, Anna picked this book from the Owl Diaries series and Will chose Plants vs. Zombies: Save Your Brains!.)

/2/ It's also the season of festivals! In the last two weeks we have attended two festivals - McLean Day and Viva Vienna. In my glory days of blogging, I would have blogged separately about all of this. Not so much anymore! I will just say that the kids had a lot of fun at both. McLean Day was especially nice with laser tag and bubble soccer (although we didn't try this one).
The best thing about the festivals are the giveaways. Usually they are just junk, but at both festivals the kids got a few decent toys. But for them, anything is good really. I mean, they had just as much fun playing pretend with the non-toys (toothbrush, bag clips) as their real toys. They are so easily amused that it's hilarious to me.
^^McLean Day was entirely free, but at Viva Vienna, we bought $20 worth of tickets for the kids to get on some rides. Remember this same ride from 2015?^^

/3/ Memorial Day weekend...I had it extra long due to my part-time work status. For the entire month of May, I couldn't wait for my days off (six in total including weekend and holiday), but by the last day, I was itching to go back to work. I watched soooo much TV and it made me feel so sluggish! I used to wish that I was a stay at home mom, but now I know that having a job to go to is actually not bad.

/4/ So what have I been watching? Haha, two words, Taiwanese drama. I finished watching Back to 1989 a while back. It was so good. I just loved watching the bubbling romance between Chen Che and Zhen Zhen :) #allthefeels. I thought about taking a break, since Taiwanese dramas can be long and slow-moving, but somehow I fell into watching this one right away. This one is just OK, sillier and more nonsensical. It doesn't really deserve my undivided attention, so I usually have it on the background while browsing aimlessly.
/5/ Hubs and I went on a ramen lunch date. The ramen itself was pretty forgettable, but I thought the slow-braised pork bun was very very good. It was a nice day, so we sat outside and enjoyed a very peaceful lunch sans kids. In case anyone is interested, we went to JINYA Ramen Bar at Mosaic District! For ramen near me, I still like Marumen more. 


  1. Wait, isn't this like 3 weeks worth of stuff? These summer weekends are all starting to jumble up together. Can't wait until the vacations actually kick in!

  2. D is doing the BnB Reading Program too and our local library does one as well where you need to log minutes and reach milestones and when each milestone is reached the child receives a gift. It's really great.


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