wednesday morning catch ups.

Picking up from where we left off...

/1/The week after Easter Sunday, Luke was in Atlanta for work for a couple of days. As usual, the kids slept with me on my bed, with Mango keeping watch.
This time, in addition to two kids, I had a dog to take care of too. I ended up leaving work a little early each day so I can come home first to let Mango out (and to clean up the mess) before doing school pick-ups. It all went fine :)
/2/ Anna's elementary school hosted a STEM Night and it really was a lot fun...not to mention a perfect way to kill some time while solo parenting. There were about 20 STEM activities for the kids to participate in. In addition to giving Anna an opportunity to hang out with her friends, my favorite part of the evening was this photo opportunity right when you walked in:
^^I know I am biased, but Will is so cute :) Oh, he's also all registered for Kindergarten!^^

/3/ Anna finally lost a top tooth and the Tooth Fairy visited!
/4/ Will started U5 soccer with Luke as the assistant coach. They are the Orange Crush, haha. I haven't been to a practice yet, but when do I will take a picture of him on the field :) Right now it isn't a huge time commitment because practice is only once a week. However, if we continue in the fall with U6, it will be practice on a weekday and a game on the weekend. Will loves soccer, but we will see if he likes playing in a league enough to continue.
/5/ We have been going to several birthday parties, and this one at the bowling alley was my favorite. One, it was a new experience since we have never gone bowling as a family, and two, Wegman's cake. Seriously, soooo good. I am counting down to Mother's Day because I am getting myself a cake from there!
/6/ Both kids just happened to tie dye shirts at school.
/7/ Luke's sister's family was in town for a visit and they stayed with us for two nights. Remember these babies? They are almost 10 months old now. Unfortunately we didn't get to hang out too much because they visited on a Monday and Tuesday and we still had school and work obligations. Still, it was nice to see the babies and we will be meeting again at the end of June.
/8/ The kids are back in the water and this time we signed them up for semi-private lessons. The plan (at least my plan) is for them to be comfortable in the water again in time for summer. This year they will have swim daily at camp, so hopefully lots of time to practice. The lessons is every Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm, which means we are officially one of those families that I said I wouldn't want to become with kids activities after school. But with the potential of soccer (#4) in the future, we might as well start, right?
/9/ We renewed our Meadowlark Gardens membership. This time we had to get the more expensive option ("family" instead of "individual") because Anna is no longer free. So now we need to visit 4 times to get our money's worth. One down, three more to go.
/10/ Not even two weeks after Anna lost her first top tooth, she lost another one! Actually, Luke pulled it out. The tooth was hanging so loose that Anna was having trouble eating, so Luke made an executive decision to pull it out using a dental floss. It was traumatic, but I think the anticipation of it was worse than the actual process. Later Anna did say that she was happy that the tooth is finally out. I thought we would get a break with loose teeth, but now another one is wiggling...
/11/ It seems like I have been including the movies we watched in these catch ups posts, so the movie for this post is Homeward Bound. Kids loved it and now I remembered why I loved that movie too!


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