first 33 days with Mango

I can't believe we have been a dog family for over a month already!
Here is a compilation of dog-related stuff that I want to remember:

-- The kids are still over-the-moon excited about having a dog.
-- They each have a job of making sure Mango has access to water and food whenever it's time, but they are not 100% reliable about it.
-- Luke and I are the main caretakers (surprise, surprise), but between me and him, it's definitely him more. He does all the grooming and washing. We brush him at least twice a day and wipe his eyes often too. Now instead of grabbing my phone to browse, I grab the brush.
-- Since Luke works from home, Mango spends the most time with him, yet whenever we are all laying on the couch, I am his favorite pick :)
-- We are working on basic commands - stay, come and stop. He doesn't listen well yet, so we have to leash him when we are out, even if it's just to go potty.
-- We recently found a pet sitter for Mango for when we are away. After talking to several boarding facilities, we just preferred a more home-like environment for Mango. Luckily our neighbors with 3 dogs recommended their sitter so we contacted her. She will be watching Mango for the first time next week. I hope it all works out and that we've found a long term solution.

-- If Mango does his business whenever we take him outside, he's free to roam around the house. One day last week it poured rain and I literally stood outside holding an umbrella for 20 minutes. Mango was drenched when he came back in, and no, he did not pee :(
-- Luke and I are obsessed with his little mouth, haha. We also find it very amusing that Mango is a "regular" dog that fetches and chases. We kept on comparing him to Pargo...who never fetched or chased...who was a cat in a dog's body.
-- It still makes me laugh to see him with his hind legs stretch out like this:
-- We don't let Mango sleep with us and we all get better sleep this way. Instead he sleeps in a portable crate that we put on top of the nightstand next to our bed. 

-- This is Mango's morning routine: In the morning, immediately after we wake up, we take him out to potty. After we come back home, he runs around the house and gives everyone kisses before we put the fence up so he can concentrate on his breakfast. After he's done with breakfast, he plays in the crate with all his toys. Then just as Anna and I leave for school/work, Luke lets him out for another potty break. It's working out pretty well!
-- When we sit down to eat dinner, that's when we put down his kibbles too. We have been giving Mango some table food, but ONLY after we are done eating. Now that he knows sometimes he will get better food, he will wait for it (but usually before we are actually done eating, he will have already started on his kibbles). One amazing thing about Mango is that he doesn't whine/beg for food. Pesto whined for food all the time, and that was sooo annoying.
--Now that we have a dog, I still think I would be absolutely fine without one too. But seeing the kids enjoying Mango so much is worth the trouble....sometimes :)


  1. Hello!!! He's such a cute dog! It's great that Luke can work from home and take the dog out during the day. We can't do that and I feel so sorry for our dogs, especially our little one that I'm not sure can hold it that long (also he keeps peeing in the house, which I'm trying to break him of). Grrr sometimes, but yea, they're cute dogs.

    1. Heeeelllloooo!! Yeah, it's nice that he's around to take the dog out. A coworker hires a dog walker to walk his dog in the middle of the day while both him and his wife are at work. $$$$. Do you crate the dogs when you are not home, or do you let them run free? Luke's traveling next week and I will be crating Mango, but will work shorter days probably.


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