Spring Break 2017: Massanutten Resort

Living in Northern Virginia, there are places you hear over and over again as good places for kids. With Massanutten Resort being one of them, I was thrilled that we had the opportunity to go there during Spring Break. As I said in my previous post, Massanutten is just outside of Harrisonburg, which is about a two-hour drive for us. Now that the kids are older (7 and 5), short drives like this don't phase me anymore. I give them a tablet each and they are good to go.
We stayed at a large 2 bed/2 bath unit in Woodstone Meadows. It was honestly pretty big, with the living and dining area being much bigger than I expected. The kitchen had everything we needed to cook breakfast and simple dinner. The only thing we didn't realize was that toiletries were not provided. I always travel with my own shampoo and conditioner, but the ONE time I didn't bring them (because we were only staying 2 nights) was the one time I needed them.... Go figure! Other than that, I was really happy with everything else.
^^When we first arrived, waiting to check-in.^^

Prior to the trip, as I was doing research on the resort, I learned that nearly all resort activities cost extra. And not only were they expensive, but some really dumb too. Like, there was a workshop on how to take selfies using your phone. Umm...what? A class on tie-dye was $15, petting zoo was $7, tubing was $8. Basically the place charges an arm and a leg for everything, so we stuck with the free things - pool and playground - and just used the resort as a home base to explore Harrisonburg
^^Can you spot my two kids?^^
^^The view from our balcony.^^
^^One of the major attractions of Massanutten is probably their water-park. Kids really wanted to go, but they only made it this far :)^^

Now that I have been to Massanutten, I am still trying to figure out what's the major draw. Except for skiing in the winter, there is not a resort activity at Massanutten that can't be done at a cheaper price elsewhere. It's likely that we will never go again, but I am definitely not complaining that we got to experience it either. The kids, of course, loved it and were in heaven. They must have clocked in close to 3-4 hours of TV daily. Yikes.


  1. Hmmm...I agree, I definitely think Williamsburg is more our cup of tea than this place. In my book, anything near the coastline always has a leg up than something in the mountains.


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