Art Friday, No. 04

Annnnnnd....just 29 days after I hit our garage, this happened to hubs' car:
An old lady hit him. It wasn't even because of was because she didn't know to stop at a four-way stop. Luckily everyone is fine (Will was in the car, but on the other side), so there is that, but the whole thing is all sorts of inconvenient.
(by Anna : age 7 : Circles)
We gave Anna this Spirograph set as one of her birthday presents.
(by Will : age 5 : Butterfly) 
Spring starts in three days so this picture is appropriate :) 


  1. Glad everyone is okay!

  2. I feel like a victim of some violent crime. I'm wary of stupid drivers whenever I get to 4-way intersections now. Nothing like a t-bone to ruin one's sense of security in something so mundane as suburban driving. All I know is that I miss my car and the month long wait to get back to driving her is harder than I thought. On the bright side, the rental was great for hauling bags and bags of mulch!


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