Art Friday, No. 03

The dog beds arrived and all of a sudden we have 3 puppies!
Luke got these beds at Walmart for less than $5 a pop. It's good to save wherever we can because this owning-a-dog business is more expensive than I remembered.
(by Anna : age 6 [for 4 more days] : Princesses)
This week I volunteered in Anna's classroom and I saw a bunch of these drawings in her mailbox. Apparently she has been working on them during quiet time and is turning them into a book. I asked if I could use them for this week's Art Friday and she agreed to let me borrow them for a day :) My favorite of the bunch is the girl dressed up as Pikachu. "It's me!" she explained.
(by Will : age 5 : Sailboats)
At our house, everyone has an assigned color. Luke is green, Anna is purple, I am blue, and Will yellow. I love the little stick figure family sailing together. And the whale-fish is just fabulous.


  1. Anna did a fabulous job.. so colorful and creative.

    1. Thanks, I thought so too. Her drawings aren't always like these so I had to post them.

  2. Hmmm...I wonder why my artwork never gets selected for posting. Oh well, just another reminder of my place in this family...


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