Art Friday, No. 02

It's amazing how an illness will make you appreciate ordinary life. This is Anna's first full week of being healthy since the flu and LIFE IS GOOD. Sorry for shouting, but it really is :) She's eating, playing, and best of all, going to school. After a subpar February, we are off to a good start in March. I hope it stays that way! 😁
^^I am pretty sure it's Dr. Seuss week all throughout elementary schools in America, and it's no different here. We have been reading Dr. Seuss stories all week long!^^
(by Anna : age 6 : Pokémons)
I told the kids about Art Friday and Anna was especially excited about having her art work posted on my blog. She went a little crazy drawing/tracing Pokémons this week because she wanted me "to have lots of options to pick from" on Friday.
(by Will : age 5 : Lizard)
This is just a lizard that Will colored at school this week. While I was doing piano with Anna, he decided that he wanted to cut it out. I thought he did a very good job of cutting the difficult parts...only cutting off one "finger" by accident. At school, his teachers say that Will is a perfectionist and takes his time to do the job right...I definitely see that too!


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