Art Friday, No. 05

I missed last week's Art Friday, but here is this week's installment. Have a great weekend everyone! My weekend has actually already started. Since yesterday. Working part-time has been nice, but I feel like I should be staying productive at home. But, "feel" is the keyword here...because right now I am sitting on the couch, browsing (currently obsessed on how to maximize those SPG points) and watching Grey's Anatomy reruns :)
(by Anna : age 7 : Hen)
The assignment was to draw a rooster, but because she added eyelashes, it's a hen instead. I just love the details and colors of this drawing!

(by Will : age 5 : Sunflower) 
According to Will: "This is me watering my sunflower." 


  1. These are much better than what they were turning out several years back. Especially Anna, her earlier stuff was actually a little freaky. Like alien abduction freaky...

    Loving the little smirk on Will's. The 3 legs are kinda odd though. Maybe aliens ARE visiting us?

  2. beautiful pieces.. I noticed Anaa has an egg mid fall.. lol
    and the baby hens around the big mama hen
    Love the colors on Will's. :)


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