Anna is SEVEN!

Last week Anna turned seven. (Gah, doesn't that just sound old??) As always, I am at a loss for words when it comes to birthday posts. I feel like I should be writing a very in-depth post that captures the birthday kid at this very moment, but I have no creative energy or words, so a post on what we did to celebrate our girl will have to do. I will say this though -- at seven years old, Anna can be as sweet as can be one minute and a hot mess the next. She's still super sensitive and cries somewhat easily. Yet, she's a superstar when it comes to school and her teachers just love her.

Now onto the birthday celebrations!

Since my dad's and Anna's birthday is only a week apart, we had a joint birthday lunch at Maggiano's. Maggiano's is always a win for us. We have celebrated many birthdays there. Not to mention that we hosted our wedding luncheon there too. This time, we got two "Marco's Meal", which included two appetizers, four pastas, two desserts, AND four pastas to take home. We told our server that we were celebrating two birthdays and he brought out cookies and candles. A nice touch!
The night before Maggiano's, I ordered a cake from a new-to-us bakery nearby called Sweet City Desserts. I had only learned about it from a coworker a few days prior and decided to give it a try. The bakery is Filipino owned so they specialize in Asian desserts, which I prefer heavily over American desserts. I ordered their signature traditional ube cake with macapuno filling and ube icing. 
The cake was so good. Not too sweet and did you know that ube is in the same family as taro? My favorite! Everyone else liked it too. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer.

This year Anna's birthday fell on a Tuesday and it happened to be snowing so school was closed and we ended up spending the entire day together. She woke up to balloons and presents. Haha, her big smiles for simple presents such as these cute erasers are just so sweet and innocent. I want to remember them always.  
At her request, we went to McDonald's for lunch. Luke and I both agreed that we are never having McDonald's again but the kids were happy with their Happy Meal toys (Barbie for Anna and car for Will). Other than that, we just hung out at home.
That night we had leftover Maggiano's and sang another round of Happy Birthday before we dug into the leftover ube cake. Before she fell asleep that day, I distinctly remember her saying that she had a great day :)

Then on Friday night, after picking up the kids from school, we headed straight to Cheesecake Factory for a proper birthday dinner.
The next day, Saturday, came the main event -- movie theater party!

Now that Anna is older, birthday means doing fun stuff with friends. BUT I wasn't up for a full-blown party either. It worked out perfectly that the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie was debuting right around her birthday so we decided to invite two friends to come along for a movie date/party. 
We purchased the tickets in advance and reserved our seats, so on the morning of the movie, we didn't have to worry about getting to the theater early or anything. I ended up sitting in one row with the girls and Luke and Will sat one row behind us. Originally we planned for all the kids to sit together, but it worked out better this way because I was able to refill the popcorn cups (we bought a giant tub of popcorn and asked for small complementary cups) for the kids more easily. **In the future, though, I would reserve the seats all together in one row and have an adult on the other end.**

There were some loud parts in the movie and the girls got a little scared, but overall, not bad at all. I was a bit worried when I overheard one girl telling Anna that she wanted to go home during the wolves scene, but I just kind of ignore it and in the end, they all sat through the entire 2 hours and 9 minutes of the movie without any problems. As for the movie itself, I don't know about the others, but I LOVED IT :)

After the movie, we went back home for pizza and ice cream cake. Originally we thought about taking the girls out to eat at a restaurant, but pizza and cake at home sounded better and less stressful, so we went with that instead. The girls got to meet Mango and between pizza and cake, they had fun with Wii.
We drove the girls home right around 1:30p with goody bags that Anna put together with stuff from Target Dollar Spot. I made the tags last minute and thought they turned out fantastic!
Birthdays are so exhausting even for me who really don't do much at all, so I am glad it's over! Hope Anna had a memorable birthday!

And here we are, another year closer to college. Luckily, me and her already made a pact. Either she will stay close to home for college or I will move to wherever she chooses go ;) And if she keeps her word, she will buy the house next door and we will never be too far apart anyway. Getting bigger doesn't sound bad at all. No, not at all....


  1. Happy 7th Birthday Anna!
    That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate
    and what a wonderful pact to make.. but don't worry college is still a long way away

  2. Good grief, what a lot of celebrating this past month. All the dining out, presents, dog, and taxes, definitely put us in the red for the month. Then again, your kids only turn 7 once. And really, her stuff accounted for maybe 5% of what went out. I'm looking at you Uncle Sam! I've said it before and I'll say it again, F* You AMT!


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