my Taiwan photo book!!

I just added another book to my photo book collection!

Since I took all my Taiwan photos using my phone and the photos automatically sync to my Shutterfly account (love this feature!), making this photo books was extra simple and took very little time.

For the cover, I used a scenic picture I took at Jiufen.
I still love the “big and multi” combo. I save the big photo for my favorite and then the multi tells more of a story.
For example, this following spread was all about our Christmas Day. The "big" was the kids opening their Santa presents and the "multi" was pictures from Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂) and Longshan Temple (龍山寺), two places that we visited later that morning.
I also find that using non-people photos (landscapes, food, toys) is a great way to make the spread look less busy and more interesting.
I also tried my hand at designing my own layout for the Taichung spread.
All my photo books have a miscellaneous spread (the Taiwan book actually has two) that covers all the random photos -- from the applesauce that I got for Anna (due to her stomach bug) to the instant noodle soup that Will loved so much. The kids kept on asking me, why did you take pictures of that?? I tell them, it's the little things that we want to remember :)
The back cover has two pictures from our last morning in Taiwan, before heading to the airport.
I am so glad to have this book to help me remember our Taiwan vacation. As hard as it was during the trip, now that we have settled back into our routine, the kids and I talk about our trip often and reminisce the Taiwan days :) Haha, we are looking forward to go back! Okay....maybe we are not quite there yet ;)


  1. the photo book looks great.
    H often wants to go back and I remind him that he had diarrhea for two weeks! It's good that the kids focus and reminisce the good happy moments rather than dwell on the negative

    1. Oh, we definitely talk about the bad part of Taiwan as well...but those are some of the best memories.

  2. sigh...maybe I'll get to make it into the 2018 edition...?


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