Art Friday, No. 01

I have decided that my blog needs more of the kids artwork, so here are two for this Friday. Maybe this will become an end-of-week weekly feature, along with a little update of the week. We shall see how long I can keep it up!!
(by Anna : age 6 : Portrait of Mama)
Anna is finally back at school after more than a week away. That is pretty much the best news of the week around here. She said everyone was happy to see her :)
(by Will : age 5 : Thumb-body Loves You)
This card originally came back with only two thumbprints. After he came home, Will got out the ink pad, a baby wipe, and completed his thumbprint family. He did all this on his own while I was in the trenches of dealing with Anna's illness. I beamed with pride when I saw it.


  1. OMG thumb body is soo cute!
    while H still brings home little creations with D in first grade there is more work and less art :(

    1. Same with Anna. She does most of her drawings at home or at before care.

  2. What's with all these drawings now? Is there not enough going on in our lives these days to mention? Then again, thumb-art is pretty badass stuff!!


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