Trip to Taiwan: Shifen (十分)

One of my favorite memories of our Taiwan trip was the time spent at Shifen. I first saw the sceneries of Shifen from the movie "You're the Apple of My Eye" and thought it was such a cute little quaint town. And writing down your wishes on a sky lantern and set it off into the sky? Too sweet! In reality, though, the "cute little quaint town" was overran with tourists and locals (even on weekdays), but that didn't turn me off either. We snacked our way through Shifen Old Street (sooo many yummy eateries!) along the tracks, wrote our wishes on the lantern and watched it disappear into the sky. The kids had a fun memorable time and so did I.

Here is a little video I made - I hope you all enjoy!

To get to Shifen: Take a northbound train to Ruifang Station from any Taiwan Railway stations (we took it from Nangang Station). At Ruifang Station, switch to the Pingxi Line. Take the Pingxi Line to Shifen Station. It sounds easy, but actually pretty complicated because there is a timetable you have to follow carefully. My mom was the timetable master so she led the way, haha. But when in doubt, just follow the crowd -- everyone heads to Shifen!


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