Trip to Taiwan: Jiaoxi (礁溪)

I think making movies from photos and videos might be my new hobby. It's especially easy with an app. I literally just select all the photos and videos I want, click create, and voilà it's done. I made a new movie on our two days in Jiaoxi, a hot spring resort town about 90 minutes from Taipei. Our stay there was very good because Anna and I had just fully recovered from our stomach bug and man oh man nothing feels better than being able to eat! We stayed at Just Sleep, which was clean and modern and just a short walk from the train station. My favorite part was the hot spring stone tub right inside our room. I had never seen anything like it before. Right after we got there, the kids immediately changed into their bathing suits and went for a dip. Just Sleep was also very convenient to the main strip of Jiaoxi, where we found a variety of places to eat.

The biggest highlight for me in Jiaoxi was trying fish spa for the the first time. It felt weird with fish nipping at my feet and all, but I got used to it. The kids liked it too, but loved fishing with their little nets even more. We also found a free foot bath place...that was another highlight. Other than that, it was just a lot of eating, much like anywhere else in Taiwan. At one bakery, we sampled the best taro pastry ever. We literally just stood next to the sample table and ate and ate. 


  1. I like your videos! Such happy smiles and wonderful scenes!

  2. So lucky, I've kept gold fishies my whole life but never have I had the chance to dip my feet in a tank/pool/pond full of them.


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