2016 - A Review

I am not done with Taiwan posts yet, but I do want to do an year-in-review post before it’s too late. For our little family, 2016 was a good year. No major illness, no tremendous hardship. Of course, life with two little kids is chaotic and loud and frustrating much of the time, but in the end, it’s still full of goodness :)

After the holidays, January is always quiet. Thanks to Snowstorm Jonas that dumped at least a foot and half of snow, it seemed like the kids never went to school. We only made it worse by taking them out for another week for a vacation.
We started out February on a Disney cruise ship. It wasn't all fun in the sun, but it was a terrific way to escape winter cold. I spent the rest of the month writing about our trip and making two photo books.
Anna turned 6 in March and we had a little birthday party for her. Then over Spring Break, we took a trip down south to Roanoke VA where the hubs did some serious reminiscing. Oh, we also took the kids to an egg hunt!
In April, we went with friends to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I also wrote about our slow lifestyle with the kids, which can probably be translated into lazy parenting? (I am still struggling with this one.)
Our May included: Clifford the Big Red Dog Live!, family/friends BBQ, birthday parties, piano recital, and PAYING OFF OUR MORTGAGE.
The month of June always means the last day of school and an end-of-school-year trip to Williamsburg for our family, although spoiler alert, 2017 will be a bit different. We are going in July, and with extended family!
I feel like all kids did in July and August was playing #pokemongo, but there were summer camps, local parks, and I can’t forget about that trip to NYC and Williamsburg (again!) at the end of summer.
The kids returned to school in September.
We attend our very first Disney On Ice in October. FOR FREE! And then the kids dressed up as Pikachu and Squirtle for Halloween.
Will turned 5 in November and we celebrated in Dutch Wonderland! Later in the month, instead of staying in town like we usually do for Thanksgiving, we spent 48 hours away from home in Kentucky to meet my brother’s first kid!
In December, we saw Santa before leaving for my biggest solo parenting stint ever in Taiwan. Read about our adventures here. Full of ups and downs!


  1. What a wonderful travel filled year.
    We were just talking about super storm Jonas yesterday..
    yay on paying off your mortgage..

  2. Damn, having been cooped up all winter, seeing those warm sunny pics of last year sure is nice. Let's hope 2017 will be another good year for our little family!

  3. Happy New Year!!! (sorry I'm a little late!)

    I enjoyed this photos - your family is so full of smiles!


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