A little over a week ago, I loaded up the family, drove to the airport, and drove home alone.  That Saturday morning, I was sending the better half of the group off on their long journey to Taiwan.  The night before, Will was not feeling well and actually threw up in bed.  That was not a good start.  I'll save the details of their adventure for Joyce to recount when she gets back.  So I'll just be sharing random thoughts of man that has suddenly become familyless.
^^Brave travelers.^^
^^The last glimpse of the family at Dulles.^^

Now I know they were in store for a long trip, but little did I know that I'd be feeling the stillness of time as well.  Without Joyce and the kids around, my entire weekend was a blur.  With no set meals or bath/bed times, I was just hanging around.  Seriously, I played video games, watched movies, and read books.  All the while I was tracking their agonizingly slow progress.  I fell asleep before they even landed in Tokyo.
^^Watching that little black plane move was like watching grass the desert.^^

When I awoke Sunday morning, they were still on their way to Taipei.  Thinking that I should be a little bit more productive that day, I decided to clean the house.  I had given the cleaners a break this month, so I went around the house and scrubbed, dusted, wiped, vacuumed, and did the laundry.  There were still some leftovers from Friday that managed to feed me through Tuesday evening.

The weekdays were good as I had a lot of work on my plate.  A bunch of lunch meetings managed to keep me fed as well.  Then the weekend came again!  I was doubly productive that frigid Saturday.  With the bathrooms all unused, I regrouted and recaulked several of them.  I can't exactly recall right now, but I'm sure I did something else productive, but whatever - I gave myself a pat on the back and rewarded myself with an hour at the shooting range on Sunday.  I still suck with my pistols at 25ft but discovered that I'm pretty decent at 40ft with my buddy's rifle.  After that, I was back home and alone again.  Luckily, the freakish weather had shot temps up from the 20s to the 60s that day, so I was able to give my car a much needed wash.

It's odd really, I never knew how much my daily routine revolved around my wife and kids.  The only semblance of a schedule is the whirr of the Roomba in the kitchen when he goes off at 7pm every nite.  That's usually when we start the bath/bed routine.  Right now, I'm just making things up as I go along.  So I find myself exercising at odd hours, eating randomly or skipping meals altogether.  Work is slower now that the holidays are closer, so I don't even step outside at times.  I definitely miss Joyce and the kids, but I loneliness hasn't really set in - yet.


  1. Hey, just 100 years ago, that trip by Joyce would have taken weeks - if not months!!

  2. I hope Will is feeling better. Really enjoy your blog!


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