Photo Dump (November)

I already blogged about the big events (Will's birthday and Kentucky) that happened in November, but here is a photo dump of the little happenings.

11/5: A nice Fall afternoon at Meadowlark Gardens.
11/8: We took the kids to the polls.
11/9: A rainy day and they insisted on going back out after we got home from school so they can use their umbrellas.
11/20: This is how Will texts. 😅😆😇😈😉😊😋😌😍😎😖😔😓😒😜😝😞
11/22: Thanksgiving lunch at Anna's school. This year we brought Chick-fil-A!
11/26: Upon returning from Kentucky, we found one of our goldfish dead. So the next day, we got a new one. Will got to pick it out (a little white one) and named it Blue Eye. The fish's eyes aren't actually blue or anything but Anna has a fish called Pink Eye (eyes really are pink) so Blue Eye it is. (Back story: When Anna got her Pink Eye, we got one for Will too, but it didn't live long (could be because Will dropped the bag, could be something else...?), so we had promised him a new fish once a current fish dies to make room for more.)

One last picture. This is actually from today, 12/9. See this building? I love this building. Because it's where I work and it's THREE minutes away from home. But, today is my last day here. *insert all the sad and crying emojis here* Time really flies. I remember talking about it with coworkers and it seemed so far away, but it's already here. When I come back from Taiwan, I will start my drive to Maryland.
It's the end of an era....


  1. Good grief, a whole hell of a lot happened. Definitely a good way to wrap up the end of the year. Topping it all off with a December getaway sounds perfect. Just wish I could be there in Taiwan too.

  2. sounds like a fun filled November. Good luck with the trip to Taiwan and more good luck with the new commute.

  3. Such a busy and wonderful year!!

    Enjoy Taiwan!


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