This kids and I are leaving for Taiwan in five days! Nothing is packed, but I am not sweating it. We will do laundry Thursday night, and all the clean clothes will go into the suitcase instead of the closet. Easy peasy, right? I am excited for Taiwan, but also dreading it, if that makes sense. I am sure it does to all the parents out there ;) Since I will be solo'ing (with help from my parents), I am setting expectations low for this epic journey. We will see what we can, eat what we can, and hopefully make good memories and, most importantly, get back home safely.

So! I am trying to squeeze in some Christmastime fun in the week and half that we are in town this December. First, we put up the kids' Christmas tree. Since we won't be here for the holidays, we only set up the little tree in the family room this year. Luke set up the tree and the kids went at it. The ornaments (all homemade) on the kids' tree haven't changed much since we started it 3 years ago... It's not realistic to add any new ones this year, but maybe next year!
^^haha, Will.^^

New for us this year is Jingle on Lake Anne...which brings me to this question, isn't it funny how things sound better on paper? Go ahead and click on that link and tell me that you wouldn't want to go too? Well, the "Holiday Arts & Crafts Market" was probably two or three stands, haha. It wasn't a complete loss though -- I mean, the weather was nice, kids enjoyed decorating (and eating) the cookies, and I visited somewhere new. And yes, Santa and his Elves came on a boat and paddle boards. We didn't get our pictures taken with Santa (too much craziness!), though.  
As promised, we returned to Freeman Store to see Santa this year.
This is seriously the best place to see Santa if you live in the area. FREE, no crowds, and the store itself is just lovely. We bought a little Virginia wall art :)
Both kids were a bit shy to talk to Santa, but mustered up the courage for the sake of presents. Santa said Pokémon is very popular this year. Not surprised :)
I thought we were going to miss seeing Santa this year because of Taiwan, but I am so glad that the date still worked out. Now lets just hope Santa finds us in Taipei!
Happy Christmasing Everyone!


  1. Seeing some of their heritage has got to be the best Christmas present your little ones can receive!


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