Will is FIVE

Earlier this month, Will turned 5!

That morning, he came downstairs to find balloons and presents. This year he was very specific about what he wanted for his birthday and HE COULDN'T WAIT FOR HIS BIRTHDAY TO COME so he could get his hands them. His birthday loot? Pokémon cards, Pokémon cards, and more Pokémon cards.
Will_5th Birthday
Instead of boring cupcakes, Will requested doughnut holes to bring to school. Luke and I once again debated on whether or not we should just send in the treats in the morning with Will or bring them to school later during snack time. Since this is Will's last year at preschool, we decided to go :) The class sang Happy Birthday and Luke passed out the doughnuts. It was over in 5 minutes and back to the office! haha!
It was still great to be there though :) We learned that Will is the best calendar helper and that his teachers think he's soooo ready for Kindergarten.

I can't remember what we had for dinner that night...I think it was just regular home-cooking...since we had already gone to Pho 75 over the weekend per Will's request. After dinner, it was time for cake! We turned off the light, lit the candle, and sang to our birthday boy. We all loved the ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.
^^Please note the purple #5 candle from Anna's birthday.^^

Just like all moms out there, I love pictures with everyone in them. Glad I snapped this quick one before cutting into the cake.
Because Will attends birthday parties regularly, he actually asked for a birthday party this year. We convinced him that a birthday trip was the way to go so he went along with it. One of these days though, I want to agree to having a birthday party and invite all his friends. I think he would be so happy and excited.

Will didn't get a party, but a week before his birthday, my parents took the kids out for some Chuck E Cheese's fun. I can't believe we have been going to CEC for the past 3 years now for Will's birthday. He still loves it so much!! 💗💗💗
There is so much to say about Will, but it's hard for me to put them into words. Yesterday at his well check-up, he weighs almost 43 pounds and stands a little more than 43 inches tall. That means, he can ride pretty much all the thriller rides at Disney World! That means, we will definitely be going again, just don't know when ;) Will is the sweetest, he calls me his "cute mommy" and his last words to me before bed is always, "good night ai ni oh mama have a good sleep!"

Will is my sunshine-y boy, he never wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and is pleasant to deal with. Sure he can be a little whiny, which makes my blood boil, but as long as you reason with him ("we will do it next time, OK?"), he's good. Will LOVES to sing. He's constantly singing and making up his own songs. This morning, I heard him singing a Christmas song (I think it was Rudolph?) in his little voice and that just warmed my heart so much. I didn't mention this in the Dutch Wonderland post, but we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner on that trip and his fortune cookie read, "Those who wish to sing will always find a song." Yup, that's Will.

Anyway, a very happy birthday to our best son! We adore you!


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