thanksgiving 2016! roadtrip to kentucky!

For our Thanksgiving 2016 craft, we did a newer version of the original handprint turkey. Even though we traveled this Thanksgiving and didn't make these until after Thanksgiving, on Black Friday, I am glad we were able to crank these out. I love our annual Thanksgiving craft tradition :)

Anyway, happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! Up until this year, we have always stayed locally for Thanksgiving, but this year, we drove 1200 miles round-trip to Kentucky to meet this one-month old young lady:
It was a whirlwind of a trip. On Wednesday night, just before we went to sleep, Luke and I agreed that if we woke up in the middle of the night, we would just get in the car and start the 9-hour drive. It turned out that we both woke up around 11:30 that night (Wednesday), so we loaded up the car, woke up and kids, and left the house at 12:30 in the morning (Thursday). It was then over the mountains and through the winding roads to Uncle Andy's house we go! We got to Louisville right at 9:30am, ready to spend the entire day with the family!
^^cute Ava^^

That night we had a big fancy traditional Thanksgiving meal that fed 10 adults, 5 kids, and 1 doberman. Everything was delicious...I think I want a traditional turkey meal on Thanksgiving from now on, instead of our usual Chinese mish-mash or Boston Market takeout. I also really liked the chicken pot pie from Cotsco!
Our original plan was to stay until Saturday morning, but we ended up leaving around 3:30pm on Friday afternoon to avoid potential traffic. As I said, the trip was a whirlwind. But we did everything we wanted - we met baby Ava, saw my brother's family, and spent Thanksgiving together.
We didn't plan to sightsee, but I am happy that we made a quick stop to the Big Four Bridge, which is a pedestrian bridge that connects Kentucky and Indiana, crossing the Ohio River.
^^The view of downtown Louisville from the bridge.^^

We made it to the other side, and here are the kids in Indiana!
Although the trip was very short, it was a great one. In all, we were only gone for 48 hours, with almost 18 of them in the car. When I told my coworkers about our plan, they all looked at me like I was crazy and suggested that I think twice because it was the busiest traveling time of the year. I am glad Luke encouraged me to go because it all worked out and we all got to meet the newest member of the family before she grows up all too quickly. So this Thanksgiving, in addition to being thankful for growing and healthy children, family, money, I am also thankful for this special trip. The kids love Kentucky and already said they want to go back next Thanksgiving. Kentucky = unlimited screen time.
^^Driving in the middle of the night, we broke the rules and let Will sleep in the 3rd row in the minivan. Anna was in her carseat, under that pillow and coat.^^


  1. Looks like you had a Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

  2. What a great little trip. Sure, the drive was a stretch, but all in all, things went smoothly. Good food with good company, simple. One thing's for sure, I64 through WV is one hell of a road! Just wish I could've driven it in anything but the minivan...


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