Our First Covered Bridge!

Just before we left the hotel the next morning to head home, we made a really short stop to one of the many covered bridges in Lancaster County. We used Google Maps (what was life like before Google?) and found Kurtz's Mill Covered Bridge to be only 10 minutes away, so off we went though the country roads!
Well, it wasn't overly exciting, but it was a very pretty place to walk around. But now that I've done one covered bridge, I probably don't need to do another one again :) Actually, I take that back. I would looooove to do a leisurely tour of covered bridges during peak foliage one of these days.
Rock throwing is always a good time.
Overall, we had a great 24 hours in Lancaster. This was our second visit and I still love the area. Maybe next time, we will pick a warmer time of the year to visit. The first time we visited was in a February. Ha, that was nuts.


  1. Too cool! I've not seen this one yet.

    You might find some bridges to visit here:


    I like this one, but there isn't much place to walk near it:


  2. Lancaster is such a neat place to visit! My husband and I did a covered bridge tour one fall afternoon, it was beautiful!

  3. Not sure how we always manage to find ourselves in Dutch country during the colder times of the year. With that said, the drive is short and given the cost of admission to the park, it was well worth it. As for the covered bridge, it didn't do much for me but the wife got the check one more thing off her bucket list.


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