Halloween 2016

This year the only thing I did to prepare for Halloween was dust off the kids' old costume from last year. Since they continue to be Pokémon obsessed, it made sense to just be Pikachu and Squirtle again. But just because I hate repeats, I did consider briefly about letting them pick a new/different Pokémon costume on Amazon, but in the end the more sensible side of me won.
As always we trick-or-treated with my friend and her kids in their neighborhood. I think it took us an hour to hit up all the houses that were open for business and the kids' buckets were full to the brim by the end. The kids ran from door to door, the adults chatted, it was another great Halloween night!
In addition to the big Halloween night, there were several events that led up to it. First, Will's preschool had a Halloween party and parade, which basically meant an excuse for the kids to stuff themselves with donuts and cupcakes and cookies at 9 in the morning. I am glad that my flexible job allowed me to attend, but I am even more glad that this is the last year :) Not that I am counting or anything, but SEVEN more tuition payments left. I am going to be the first mom in line to register Will for kindergarten come this Spring.
Then Anna's school had its annual Halloween Fun Night. We didn't go last year, but this year I marked it on the calendar. The event was OK. Way too crowded. The kids liked the bounce house the most, and we all did the haunted house too. Haha, their first haunted house experience terrified them. Overall, I think Anna had lots of fun, but Will didn't. Luke ended up taking him outside to wait in the car for us. But because I knew that they were waiting for us, we only stayed a little bit longer to use up the tickets. I think the lesson learned here is that we need to start separating the kids, that we don't always need to do everything as a family. I should have taken Anna on my own and left Will at home with Luke...this way, Anna could hang out with her friends without rushing.
^^Definitely saw more Pikachus this year!^^

Finally, Luke and I volunteered for the first time this school year in Anna's classroom for a Pumpkin Math activity. As the move to Bethesda looms closer, I am taking advantage of these volunteer opportunities as much as I can. It was a lot of fun spending time with Anna at her school. We kept it a secret so she was completely surprised when we showed up in her classroom! She greeted us with big hugs. That was the best part!
^^Grouping the pumpkins seeds by 10's.^^

October flew by in the blink of an eye and I can't believe I only blogged 4 times! Definitely one of my slowest months ever... I just want to remember that we took turns getting sick in the month of October. First Anna, then me. Then Will, and me again. Anna didn't miss any school, but Will missed almost a week. Now that we are all healthy again, lets hope that we continue to be for the rest of the year because we have a small birthday trip coming up for Will, and then Taiwan in December!


  1. Justin wants you to hide him in your luggage for the Taiwan trip! Hope Will's enjoyed playing soccer��. Mark was a soccer player for Halloween and Justin a penguin.

  2. I love that first photo!! So precious!!

    I need to get back to blogging - maybe soon.


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