NYC 2016! Part IV!

Day 4: Charging Bull, Statue of Liberty, Drive to Williamsburg
This is it, the last bit of our NYC trip that happened at the end of August. We went back and forth on whether or not to take the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Due to various reasons, the only time we could make it work was on Saturday, the day that we were leaving NYC and driving all the way to Williamsburg. On one hand, we wanted to leave the city early to avoid traffic (which we wouldn't be able to do so if we go see the Lady Liberty), but on another hand, we knew that we wouldn't be back in New York for a long time and wanted to take advantage of it. In the end, we went :) We woke up early that morning and walked south from our hotel to Battery Park, through the Financial District. We didn't buy tickets in advance, but that wasn't a problem because it was still so early. We actually caught the first ferry that left for Liberty Island that day. I had read about security lines that take forever to go through, but it was very smooth for us. It pays to be early.
Tickets with "crown" access have to be reserved months in advance, nor the kids (both under 48") could climb to the top anyway. I have good memories of climbing it to the top with my family back in the early 90s, so it's still something I hope the kids will get to do one day. Tickets with "pedestal" access are more readily available, but unfortunately we couldn't get it either on the day-of, so all we did was walk the grounds of Liberty Island. That was more than fine with us though.

I tried my best to make it educational for the kids by spewing out interesting facts, like "Did you know that the thickness of the Statue of Liberty is like two pennies stacked together?" Or "Did you know the light green color is the result of natural weathering of copper?" I don't think they heard me.
We (read: I) saw fantastic views of Manhattan. (The kids saw their phones.)
At the gift shop, they each got a Statue of Liberty coin:
Because we were short on time, we didn't stay long, but unless you have "crown" or "pedestal" access, a max of one hour is all you need to see everything anyway. By the way, the ferry stopped at Ellis Island on the way back to Manhattan, but we didn't get off.
We walked back to the hotel (had our last meal at McDonald's) and said goodbye to NYC. And although we did get stuck in slow-moving traffic leaving the city, I am glad we made the pit stop to see this iconic statue. The kids had both learned about the Statue of Liberty at school previously, so it wasn't a complete foreign concept to them...hopefully now they will have a little memory of actually seeing it in person. If not, that's what picture are for :) 
^^Haha, Will's expression is hilarious to me.^^

This last minute trip to NYC was such a special treat for me and the kids, to stay right in the heart of Manhattan with so many sights to explore at our fingertips. I will be remembering this trip for a long time.

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  1. Such a beautiful day.

    I enjoyed a rather lengthy stay at Ellis Island. The view of the statue from there is nice too!

  2. NYC is so beautiful! Great pics. :)

  3. The day started off so nicely, but it was all downhill once we hit the road. At the time, the annoying traffic and dingy Williamsburg hotel made for a horribly long day. But in retrospect, I hardly recall any of those moments. That day will simply be the Statue of Liberty day in my book.

  4. sounds like a lovely way to end the trip.


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