Farm Harvest Days at Frying Pan Park (aka the one FREE event you should attend)

I like free events, but they are usually a bust, not worthy of a blog post. However, the Farm Harvest Days event we attended this weekend at Frying Pan Park was very nicely done that I am here to sing praises and to publicly endorse it :) If you are parents of young children, you won't be disappointed to take your kids there. Haha, I already told two people at work (both with young kids) to mark their calendars for next year. Yes, it was really that wonderful.
When we first got there, the kids begged to go on the carousel. I came prepared and brought along the courtesy passes we received from the Discovery Trail Map activity we did this summer. The kids have been on so many carousels, but never this one, so CHECK. I also knew that the kids would probably ask to go on the wagon ride, and they did. Luckily, more courtesy passes for the kids :) My mom and I paid $3 for the two of us (50% off because I had coupons from the library summer reading program). The wagon took us around the parameter of the farm and we saw some farm animals.

Anyway, as for the Fall Harvest Days activities itself, here is the roundup:

There was a demonstration on how apples get turned into cider...however, all the kiddos (all of them, not just mine) were only interested in throwing apples into the hopper, and less about learning the mechanics of an antique cider press. Luckily, there were barrels and barrels of apples to throw so the apples never ran out.
There was also this corn shucking machine that the kids loved.

(You can also see a display of farm machinery in the back.)
As they get older, it really is more fun (read: worthwhile) to take them out. I remember seeing corn shucking at another event when they were younger and both of them didn't want to try. Or maybe Anna did, but wasn't strong enough to crank it. Either way, they both did great this time around.

Next they tried their hands at peeling apples and turning them into long spirals.
Both of them refused to milk the cow, though.

(There was a small petting zoo (goats, bunnies) right next to the cow.)
In addition to Farm Harvest Days, if you look carefully in the first picture, you will see a carnival happening at the same time with all the usual fair rides. We skipped it, because I have had enough of those rides ;)
Oh, there was also a farm house tour, fresh applesauce tasting, a little market place selling food and merchandise, tractors to ride on. Lots of neat things to see and do. A perfect under 2-hour local outing. It was all very very good and I highly recommend it.

So, mark your calendars for next year!!


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