NYC 2016! Part III!

Day 3: The Met, Times Square, Chinatown, Battery Park City Esplanade
Day 3 was the last full day of our NYC trip. Luke was getting out of training earlier that day, so the plan was for me to do a quick activity in the morning with the kids, and then meet him back at the hotel around noon. I decided to take the kids to the Met. We didn't see many other little kids at the Met, which now I understand why, but they did love the fountains OUTSIDE of the museum and I know I loved going up to the rooftop and seeing the gorgeous view of the NYC skyline. With the donation-based entrance fee, I only paid five dollars so it was worth it for me. 
^^Obsessed with the fountain.^^
^^The Psycho house on the rooftop.^^

By this point of our trip, the kids were very comfortable riding the subway as I was taking them around using it. Many times we had to sit separately to get seats, and they were completely okay.
^^Like a real New Yorker.^^

Well, that night after the best noodles and dumplings at Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles and dessert (we got mango, lychee, green tea and (boring) strawberry) at The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, we spontaneously took the train to the loud and crazy...
Very good ice cream -- we got mango, lychee, green tea, and (boring) strawberry. 🍦
Times Square!!
The kids loved it because they got to play Pokémon Go. They caught so many Pokémons without even having to walk. But as expected, their reactions to the bright lights of Times Square were rather underwhelming.
We could have gone back to the hotel after Times Square, but it was our last night and we didn't want it to end. So spontaneously (yes again!) we took a walk along the Hudson River, where I saw many rich people and their fancy yachts. I dreamed about owning one some day, but then convinced myself that I would just get sea sick anyway, haha.
It was another great night of just hanging out with my people :)

Vacations are the best.


  1. vacations are the best.. and looks like your kiddo's had a wonderful time.

  2. Even though I didn't a vacation out of this, I'm glad everyone had fun. I did manage to fit in some fun moments and enjoyed every minute of it. If only everyday was a vacation...


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