monday morning catch ups.

/1/ I keep on thinking about what to do with this blog. On one hand, I want to quit blogging completely. It will give me so much time back and I won’t have the constant pressure (completely self-imposed) of posting frequently. If I stop blogging though, I worry about losing memories. This blog is a family diary for us, and I do like having a record of our life. But of course, this blog isn’t ALL of our family life, only the parts I want to share. So the argument then becomes if it’s not a COMPLETE record of our family life, then why bother? Instead of spending time blogging, I can use my time more wisely – like sorting pictures, printing them out, and actually putting them in albums. That to me is much more tangible than a blog. Anyway, my blog domain expires next February and I already told hubs that I want to go back to That will be my first step.

/2/ Anyway, I haven’t been blogging much about September because I like to keep events in chronological order, but travel posts take forever to write and I don’t want to wait any longer. I already blogged about school starting, but here is our September so far, catching up to present day...

/3/ My brother and his family visited over Labor Day and we went to:

National Zoo -- It was our first time visiting in two years. Parking was $$$, but at least we saw all three pandas :) FYI, the zoo is a great place to play Pokémon Go. At each animal stop is a sign to flip. I have been recommending it to everyone.
^The cousins...with another one coming soon in November!^^
^^My kids have little interests in animals, but they loved watching the seals.^^

Homestead Farm -- We don't usually go apple picking the first weekend of September, but the weather that day was actually Fall-ish, so it worked out well.
It was a quick trip with so many hands helping. We ended up picking over $100 worth of apples altogether. Several apple pies have already been made and ate. 
Udvar-Hazy Center -- A complete waste of time. No further comments or pictures.

/4/ It's official, Luke and I have been married for 9 years! That Friday night, we had dinner (with kids) at Maggiano’s. After dinner, we went upstairs to the banquet rooms where our wedding luncheon was held :) I love Maggiano’s. Every time after we go there, I always question why we don’t go there more often. We got to take home two pasta dishes, which ended up being Anna’s school lunch for 3 days the following week. Such good bargain.
9 years
^^Next year is the big 10. Lets see if Luke will plan us a trip somewhere! ;)^^

/5/ I turned another year older last week. For some reason, it didn’t feel too depressing this year, haha. Some things I want to remember: my parents took me out for lunch (ramen) the weekend prior, Luke got me a Pikachu cake (kids were pleased), I received cards from the family, and we had Popeyes for dinner that night :) It was a great birthday!

/6/ Yesterday was our annual company-hosted Kings Dominion trip. This year, it seemed like there were a lot less people. We got there right around 10a, and was able to get on 5 rides at Planet Snoopy without any wait. We rode on two new rides this year – Woodstock Express (a fairly thrilling roller coaster for the kids) and Boo Blasters on Boo Hill (I said to Luke, "This is definitely not Andy's Room.")
After the rides and lunch, we went to Soak City, which is Kings Dominion’s newer and better water park. The kids loved Splash Island, a splash area with jets and slides, but the wave pool and lazy river were pale in comparison to Water Country. We all agreed that Busch Gardens is much better, but hey, the price was right. 

Usually we take our annual family picture on the way out, but this time we decided to do it first, while everyone was still happy. Just for the record though, we were still happy on the way out. It was another good trip! 
Kings Dominion 2016
^^(2012, 20132014, 2015)^^


  1. It's been a couple of great weekends, but honestly, I'm all theme parked out for a while. The next trip will definitely have to be something more relaxing and away from a billion trademarked things. All in all, a good way to wrap up the summer and welcome in fall.

    1. Yeah, I am done with theme parks...that is, until Dutch Winter Wonderland!! :)

  2. Happy anniversary, guys! I can't believe it's been that long old fogies. By the way, I've also got sympathy theme park pains just from all the getaways you guys have had these last few months :p

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Goodness.. 10 years coming up????


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