First Day of School 2016

The “First Day of School” was actually two weeks ago, but I am just now getting around to posting the pictures.
So far, the school year is going well. Anna loves first grade…but hates before-care. She still gets upset when I drop her off at before-care in the morning. Sigh. Luckily, before-care is only a small part of her day and once she gets to her first grade classroom, she’s good for the remainder of the day. Last night was actually back to school night. I have been looking forward to it, even though it seems like it always fall on my birthday (same thing happened last year!). Anyway, the part where the school board members and the principal ramble was mind-numbing, but I loved visiting the classroom and hearing her actual teacher talk. I talked to the teacher for a bit as I was leaving and she said Anna is doing great so far. Very sociable apparently. I can’t wait to hear more details at our parent teacher conference. Oh, there are only 19 kids in her class, which I think is amazing.
^^@ the Open House on 9/1. We had just gotten back from Williamsburg.^^
Will is in his final year of preschool. This year, he’s in the "Yellowbird" classroom, 12 kids 2 teachers. He has his good buddies in the class with him and is just living it up as one of the bigger kids at school. Because of his birthday, he’s actually THE oldest kid in his class. Anyway, I know I will be super sad when we no longer have ties to his preschool, but I am looking forward to life without preschool tuition. EIGHT more payments left…!!
Our routine in the morning: Everyone up by 6:20am-ish, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack lunch, brush teeth/wipe face, and we all leave at around 7:35am. I take Anna, Luke takes Will. We will be on this schedule until my work moves to Bethesda in December. At that time, we will have to figure something else out :(


  1. Have a great school year!

  2. they look so happy and excited.. H just started preschool so we still have many years of tuition paying ahead of us. I too was looking forward to Back to School night at D's school till we realized M and I will be out of town that night :(

    1. Oh... that's too bad. I would be pretty disappoint over that, especially I think teachers do look at whose parents show and whose don't. Definitely email the teacher in advance!

  3. I wonder how much longer they'll be willing to take these pictures? Just thinking about school - ANY school - makes me want to crawl back into bed. At least we've been lucky so far with no major incidents at school for anyone...yet....

  4. I hope they always want to learn something new!!


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