Back to Williamsburg :)

I am skipping ahead to write about the Williamsburg part of our end-of-summer NYC/Williamsburg trip even though I am not quite done with NYC yet :)
This summer we went to Williamsburg twice. The first time was for 6 nights, just after school ended in June. We tried Busch Gardens and Water Country USA for the first time and loved both parks. Will was sick off and on, so while we did the theme parks, we didn’t do not much else. When we canceled our Disney trip, Luke and I decided to go to Williamsburg again for 5 nights. This time, at the end of August. Our park tickets were still valid, so we did theme parks again, but because everyone was healthy, we also did a lot more. Off the top of my head, I remember us walking up & down Colonial Williamsburg, getting our feet wet at Yorktown, re-visiting “our” spot on the Colonial Pky, and shopping at the outlets.
The biggest highlight on this trip for me was watching the kids getting better at swimming. They went from afraid of jumping into the pool to boldly doing so AND swimming a small distance AND flipping onto their backs AND swimming another small distance. We spent so much time at the pool!

We didn’t do anything new in Busch Gardens, but Luke captured this video of the kids on Grover’s Alpine Express. The kids rode on it so many times that by the end, Luke and I just waited for them in a shady spot somewhere. Love those kind of hands-off parenting!

The kids (and Luke) played so much Pokémon Go at Busch Gardens. Apparently there were lots of signs to flip. I got annoyed watching them staring at their phones and not wanting to ride all the rides, but as Luke pointed out, "You don't even ride the rides yourself." Touché.
^^I liked walking around and browsing gift shops the best.^^
^^"Mama likes pictures. You do this and she will let you play Pokémon."^^

As for Water Country, last time we missed two raft rides that the kids were tall enough for - Wild Thang and Malibu Pipeline - so this time, I made sure we rode them before letting the kids pick what they wanted to do. Now I can finally say that WE DID IT ALL in Water Country :)

Other than that, the kids did a lot of this, lounging and reviewing their Pokédex:
^^Pokémon Go, Pokémon cards, Pokémon stuffies. They are Pokémon obsessed.^^

We always have fun in Williamsburg so it wasn't a surprised that we had another great visit. Next year I am not sure I will take that many personal days to go Williamsburg, but we will most definitely go back again.
^^The family at the end of summer 2016 :)^^


  1. The roller coaster video is fun to watch. ��

  2. Not sure what it is really, but Williamsburg is just a place that doesn't really ever grate on me. Sure, we did the parks too much and the hotel was subpar, but we always manage to have fun and fit in some relaxation. Maybe it's not the location but the fact that we're not stuck working our jobs.


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