monday morning catch ups.

/1/ On Saturday the kids had their last swim class for the summer. Since the swim school is closed in August and September, they won't be back in the water until October. I am disappointed that they will have a 2-month gap, but at least we will get some of our weekends back. In total, the kids had 8 lessons since they started in June and they went from rarely putting their heads in the water to confidently doing so. AND swimming a short distance. Will even learned to float on his back. Luke and I are very happy with how far they have come!
For those who are interested in the details: We did group lessons that normally have a ratio of 4:1, but for us it was 3:1 because apparently not many kids enroll in the summer. Anna and Will were in different classes, so every Saturday we were at the swim school for an hour (10am to 11am). Anna went first, and then Will. It was $99/month (4 lessons), which at first I thought were outrageously expensive. But since the kids loved the lessons and learned so much, it was worth it for us.

/2/ This past week we cancelled our planned August trip to Disney World. The more we thought about it, the more we didn't want yet another Disney vacation. Lets see...the last time we were at Disney World was November 2014, then we did Disneyland last September, then a Disney Cruise just earlier this year. That's way too much Disney, even for Disney freaks like us. So...we cancelled it, got a full refund, and Anna will get to go to her school's Open House that we would've otherwise missed. After last year's bus fiasco, I think it's a good move on our part to attend the Open House to get all our ducks in a row for the first day of school.

/3/ A trip cancelled, but another is booked! This time...Taiwan!! This winter break, the kids and I are traveling back to my homeland! I am looking forward to it! It has been YEARS (11 to be exact) since my last trip there, and it will be the kids' first. I am sooo excited for them to experience new sights and sounds. Too bad Luke won't be there (someone has to stay here to make money to send back to us :)), but my parents will be there to help navigate the country. So much planning to do!!
^^passport mug shots^^

/4/ Other than bullets #2 and #3, we really haven't been up to all that much. The kids are still in their summer camps (so much stress with Anna's that I recently discovered my first white hair), still catching those Pokémon wherever they go.
^^What memorial?^^


  1. Yup, a lot sure had taken place. This was actually a pretty good weekend where I managed to only yell at the kids a few times. Sure, I was sweating my balls off most of the time, but the kids had fun and so did the wife.


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