Water County USA!

Water Country USA was a hit for us as well, and that really came as a surprise to me. I mean, the kids love the pool, but aren't really into waterparks. I still remember Great Wolf Lodge when all Anna wanted to do was soak in the hot tub. But I guess a year and half can make all the difference because they adore Water Country. Even more so than Busch Gardens so we will most definitely be back!
-- Our 2-Park Fun Card also included unlimited admission to Water Country and the 7-day parking pass ($25) worked there as well. Again, super convenient and affordable. We visited the waterpark twice and, on both days, they were hot enough to be enjoyable for water play :)

-- I thought the kids would only like the kiddie splash areas, like Kritter Korral and Cow-A-Bunga. Those areas have fun fountains, splash zones, small animal slides, water cannons, and water only two feet deep. Well, I was partially right. They did like those areas...but what they loved even more was climbing into those rafts that fit the entire family and then sliding down twisty flumes and tunnels, such as Aquazoid, Big Daddy Falls, and Meltdown.

-- The kids were too short for Vanishing Point, nor I think they would be brave enough for it anyway, but the hubs went on this horizontal slide that dropped him straight down. It was crazy, but looked awesome. I was too chicken to try it myself.
-- I was glad that by the time we went to Water Country, the kids have had a month of swim class already. I really believe swim class helped them to have that much more fun at the waterpark. They were comfortable in the water (even without life jackets) and didn't care about getting splashed in the face, something that they were reluctant on before.
-- We all liked the lazy river aka Hubba Hubba Highway. We put on life jackets and just floated along the soft current. The water was so cooling and relaxing. Anna liked to be ahead while the rest of us trailed behind. We did several rounds of that.
-- Tips: Bring your own towels. Water Country does not provide them and we didn't know that on our first visit. Thank goodness it was a hot day so towels were not completely necessary. Also, lockers. They are available, but $$$, so we didn't bother with them and our belongings were fine.

-- It sure was nice seeing the kids so excited, seeing them getting back in line for more again and again. I had many parenting high moments :)


  1. On a hot day like today, I wish I was there!!!

    1. It's been so hot lately...really wish we had an access to a pool!!

  2. What a great trip! Glad to finally add those parks to our list of things-to-do while in Williamsburg.

  3. Aww those pictures are classic! And those smiles :)

    We were taught to fear all things pools and waterparks because not even our parents know how to swim, but lazy rivers were totally our thing when we finally made it to Disney World as a teen.


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