the rest of our vacation & two great restaurants to try in Williamsburg

The first thing we did on our Williamsburg vacation, before even checking-in at the resort, was stopping by Walmart and loading up on food to last a week. I really loved that our condo-style unit had a full-size kitchen with all the cookware we needed to make meals at home. With kids, sometimes it's just easier to cook their favorites at home, rather than spending a ton at restaurants for food that they are picky about, which creates frustration for Luke and me. We ended up cooking all the breakfast (turkey and egg sandwiches, Crescent rolls with jelly) and some lunches (Ramen noodles with veggies and chicken) at home. Easy and cheap!
Besides hopping between Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, we went to the resort pool a lot. The kids loved the pool and probably were just as happy there as the parks. Since the kids have had a few swim lessons by the time we went on the vacation, Luke decided to ditch arm floaties and get them pool noodles instead. I wasn't on board when he suggested the idea, but the kids did just fine. It was easier for them to practice swimming with head in the water :) (Note: After a week of swimming, when Will had his swim class the following week, his teacher said he had a great class!)
As I mentioned it before, Will was a little sick during the vacation. But the worst part was that while napping together the day before the last day, he got hit squarely in the eye by Anna. This seemingly minor eye injury really caused some grief for poor Will. Although, I know a scratched cornea can be extremely painful, so I didn't blame him for whining and crying for the rest of the day. We had planned to go to Colonial Williamsburg that evening, but obviously that didn't happen.
We thought a good night sleep would heal his eye, but he woke up the next morning still complaining about it. So we finally went to CVS and got him an eye patch. THEN we went to Colonial Williamsburg :) It was super hot and sticky that morning, though. We were all pretty grumpy.
Anyway, before I wrap up, I just want to mention these two great new-to-us restaurants that we tried. The first one is Chopsticks Pho Grill. There is hardly any Vietnamese restaurants in Williamsburg, so I really hope this one sticks around. The service was friendly and fast. The food was fresh and tasty. Portions were HUGE. A new favorite for sure!
^^We got two large pho and a grilled beef & shrimp vermicelli bowl to share.^^

Even though Will got jabbed in the eye, we still decided to go out to eat at Peter Chang (it was the last night and we were all out of food at home). This meal was anything but peaceful because Will was off and on crying out in pain through it all. But I also have to admit that the main dishes we ordered did not wow me (Luke loved the fish with pine nut though). However, I DID like the appetizers (not pictured)! Their signature scallion bubble pancake was delicious and the pan-fried buns with meat stuffing (生煎包) tasted just like the ones in Taiwan. I will be back to give the restaurant another try....when I am not distracted by a certain little boy.
^^That was Will the entire time :(^^


  1. Will's eye! Eye think that's all eye'll remember about this entire vacation. Still, it was a great trip!

  2. Eye hope W-eye-ll's eye is all better now.


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