Memorial Day Weekend!, Part 2

It's hard to believe that June is already here. School officially ends in less than 4 weeks (3 for Will) and summer break is upon us. Right now we have two weeks of vacation planned. We are off to Williamsburg (still waiting to book that - hopefully tomorrow! - to get the deepest discount possible) right after school ends and then to....wait for it...Disney World just before school starts back up again (apparently, I should never say never when it comes to Disney). In between those two vacations, kids will attend various camps (well, Will is just going to the summer program at his school). They will have their swim lessons too. It should be a good summer!

On day 2 of our Memorial Day weekend, the kids and I met up with my parents at the annual Viva! Vienna! Festival. We attended it for the first time last year and it was OK...something close to our home and a good place to kill a hour or we decided to go again. Last year, we bought $20 worth of tickets and the kids got on 4 rides each. This year they got on 2. Before we left for the festival, I had them color a coloring page for a free ride, so I ended up only (?) spending $6.
After the rides, it was time to walk the vendor booths, which was probably the kids' most unfavorite part. I made them color yet again so they could get a free book from Pennywise Thrift Shop (very close to where the festival was taking place). The thrift shop didn't open until 12pm, so it made us hang around at the festival longer than we otherwise would have. I found a Pokémon book for Anna and Will picked a board book. We love free stuff :)
My mom bought the kids foot-long corn dogs. They loved them! Everything tastes better when deep-fried.
(A story I want to remember: Anna has her first loose tooth and, while eating the corn dog, she burst into tears because it was apparently causing her agony. So last year she cried over a dropped lollipop and this year a corn dog. Oh Anna....:))

The cooling tent was the best place to be.
You can't go to a festival without taking a balloon home.
We will mostly likely go again next year!


  1. That cooling tent was a good idea - it was a really hot one this weekend!! The sun was blazing!

  2. Great weather for a great event! Have fun in Disney and Williamsburg!


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