Last Day as a Bear 2015-2016

Yesterday Will finished another year of preschool!

This year, he was at the school's "Bears" class and got along with all his classmates except for one certain troublemaker. He ate lunch with his buddies and napped there every day. He sang and danced in music class 3 times a week. He learned to write letters and numbers and made a boatload of art project. He learned to skip bars on the monkey bar and pump himself on the swing. He only got into trouble once...for taking off his pants on the playground. Apparently, "Lucas did it first," he explained. Except for that one minor incident we like to forget, he had an A+ year!
Will's Last Day Bears 16June16
Even though he isn't standing straight, Will definitely grew a few inches taller this school year. Just look at his longer legs! Luke recently gave him a buzz cut to help him keep cool in the summer. Whenever he does that, Will automatically looks a couple of years older to me.
2015-2016 comparison
^^First day of school vs. Last day of school^^

I asked Anna to walk in the picture:
^^Such great playmates!^^

Because of Will's November birthday, he will be back for one more year of preschool after summer. I can't wait until we are no longer blowing wads of cash on daycare/preschool, but I know I am going to be so sad when he joins Anna in public school. Right now I am just holding onto these carefree days when his job is to simply play and be a kid. Because we all know that time flies.  


  1. I really get a chuckle out of Will's "goofy" pose! And Anna really loves her little brother!

  2. The buzz cut does make him look older. Great that the year went by so smoothly. D is going to be starting public school next year and I am already nervous about the whole transition.


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