monday morning catch ups.

This is a very short "catch ups" post, because not much is going on with us!
Barnes and Noble summer reading program 2016
/1/ The kids completed the annual Barnes and Noble summer reading program, and each got to pick out a free book. This is the best program ever and we do it every summer. This year, Anna picked a Pinkalicious book and Will a superhero. If you are interested, complete the Reading Journal and head to your closest BN between May 17 to Sept 6! Although they say the program is only for kids grades 1-6, we have been doing it for the last 3 years. The other reading program we will do is through our local county library, but that one doesn't start until late June.
/2/ Anna had her very first piano recital! She did a super job playing duet with her teacher, and although I could tell she was shy, she still marched up there and did it. Man, I am so relieved that the recital is behind us...because all month I was worried that she would chicken out at the last minute. Whew, she didn't :) Here is the video I took of her performance, if you like to see.

/3/ Other happenings: We watched Zootopia (pretty good!), I dropped the camera and broke it (sadness, so much money down the drain), and I am shopping for a new summer wardrobe (trying LOFT for the first time).

/4/ It's only Monday, but I am already thinking about the long weekend. Extra *extra* long for me because I am taking Friday and next Tuesday off. We are staying in town and have no big plans, but I have some personal days that's either use-it-or-lose-it. Well, I am certainly not going to "lose it". So, two whole days of me time (kids still have school), WHAT will I do???


  1. Good job Anna!

  2. The photos and video of Anna playing the duet are so precious!!

  3. Thanks for reminding me of that summer reading program at B&N! And congrats to Anna! She's so brave. So, what did you do with the time off? Go shopping? I love LOFT but also Old Navy and H&M for cheap cute clothes. Target too.

    1. I went on two lunch dates with the husband, but other than that, pretty much nothing! Definitely didn't use the free days to their fullest, but I made decent progress in Me Before You (I am such a slow reader, but I am almost done).

    2. The days also went by so fast when you are just hanging out at home (why is it so slow at work??). In the blink of an eye, it was time to pick up the kids.

    3. Yay for Me Before You! Tell me what you think. And yes, time FLIES when you're not at work. It's always sooo early to pick them up :).


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